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Beer Facts - Consumption and Serving Tips

Planning a big party and don't know much about tap (keg) beer? Like how much beer is in a keg or half barrel of beer? Here the skinny on beer...

Here are a few Beer serving tips:
  •  How much beer is in a case of beer?
    24 - 12oz. cans or 2.25 gallons (288 oz.).

  •  How much beer is in a half barrel?
    15 gallons or 1920 oz.
    Of course a 1/4 barrel is half of that or
    7.5 gallons.

  •  How many 12 oz. cans of beer in a half barrel? About 160 cans. That's just about 6 & 2/3 cases of beer.

  • How much beer to serve per hour per person? That depends on the type of party, but figure 3 beers per hour per person (6 per hour for a frat party). Remember to always drink responsibly.

beer is good for you
Remember, Beer is Good for You!

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  •  How many people can drink from a half barrel?
    The rule of thumb is 30 to 50 people for every four hours of party time.

  •  How do you keep tap (keg) beer fresh?
    always keep cool and pressurized with CO2 gas. 
    Air pressurization will eventually make your beer flat tasting.

  •  What gas pressure should be applied to tap beer?
    between 7 and 10 psi.

  • What's the best temperature to serve beer?
    That depends on the type of beer and where you live...
    Most US lager beers are best served cold, at about 38-40F
    For home & craft brews:
    - Fruit beers: serve at 40-50° F.
    - Wheat beers & pale lagers: Serve at 45-50° F.
    - Pale ales & dark or amber lagers: Serve at 50-55° F.
    - UK strong ales, barley wines and Belgian ales: Serve at 50-55° F.
    - German Dark ales, porters & stouts: Serve at 55-60° F.

  •  How much does a half barrel of beer weigh?
    All helluva lot! Between 155-165 lbs.
    Of course a 1/4 barrel is easier to handle at about 75 to 80lbs.

    See the
    Keg Plans Page for building your own home tapper.

Factoid: If you and your family consume a single case of beer per week, it will cost you about $832 per year to drink at home. At the local bar, that same volume will cost you over $3744.00!  Build a home bar and save over $2912.00 per year in beer alone, not to mention the savings for mixed drinks and fancy cocktails.
Beer, Now Cheaper than GAS!
Well, almost...
This T-shirt makes a good point.
Stop wasting money buying $4.00+ / gallon gas to run around to all the local bars overpaying $3.00 or more for drinks. Sure, all the hot chicks hang out at the local bar pub and club, but tell everyone YOU have a bar in your home and they'll come flocking over to save money and have more fun than you could have in any public establishment.
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