Nightlife Bar Styles


Nightlife Bar Styles

What exactly does THAT mean? It’s a bar decor theme concept based on your favorite nightlife activity, possibly a dance club, casino, sports bar, biker bar or anything that literally floats your boat.

Your neglected living room or basement space is the location, our DIY wood working plans will get you started in the right direction along with great ideas based on thousand of hours of collaborative work by our members.

The plans can be used to build a cool bar pub in your basement, garage, apartment, college frat house, dorm room, cottage, beach, patio, pool side, indoors or outdoors. Just about anywhere.

Need ideas for a unique bar theme? We’ve got thousands of photos of completed bars to give you a design head start and great ideas for planning your custom bar project.

No idea where to start? Read our Basement Bar Construction Primer.

Nightlife Bar:
This cool Salt Water fish tank bar was built using the basic l-shaped bar plans as a guide.
A. Tracey built the bar, then hosted some wild party’s for his friends. The highlight of the night (one of many I’m sure) is feeding time for the exotic Lion fish which resides in the tank.
The top is made of a clear plexi glass window which allows viewing of the feeding frenzy  from above. Cool!
This is just one example of the outrageous custom jobs you can do on your own bar project. More photos in the members site.
Nightlife Bar

Night life with a home bar

Our members have knocked out some cool theme bars including: Sports Bars, Billiard Bars, Rustic Taverns, Western Saloons, custom inlaid tops (even one using old Hockey sticks!), Tropical and Tiki Bars. We have several examples of salt and fresh water fish tank versions  too! The new CHBD Bar Resizing Tool also helps you create a customized bar layout.

Surprisingly, your bar pub need not just be a place for drinking beer and cocktails, you can also build a dry bar or health club juice bar in your exercise room! Why? I have no idea… but the possibilities are  endless!

The Builder’s Gallery Lite shows just a few of the many styles as built by our members.

Home Bar Styles are more of a decor project than that of building and actual bar.
Each style starts out with a core design and materials such as oak, cherry or maple, which is then decorated with trim, corbels or applique and lighting concepts to define the specific home bar style you prefer.
Our plans do not specify individual styles, rather they instruct you on how to build the core which is then decorated by using suggestions on the site and from samples found in the Builder’s Gallery.

Some Home Bar Styles to consider could include:

  • Minneapolis Style
  • New Orleans Style
  • New York Bar
  • Philadelphia Style
  • San Francisco Style
  • Seattle Style
  • Southwest Style
  • Texas Style
  • Washington Style
  • 50’s Style
  • Art Deco Nightclub
  • Brew Pub
  • Biker
  • Billiards
  • Cigar
  • Country Bar
  • Coyote Ugly Saloon




Explore the Photos and Videos section of this site for more ideas.