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Home Bar-Cade, Proper Retirement for Aracde Art

As I was flipping through the Builder’s Gallery today when I found this recent post from one of our members, Josh. I’ve seen some creative bar top designs, but this one tops ‘em all!

Dubbed the “Bar-Cade”, it consists of an old retired pinball machine top integrated right into his bar top.

new life for an old pinball machine

new life for an old pinball machine

From other photos in the gallery, it shows the individual lights flashing just like a working pinball machine.

I’m guessing the machine was beyond any hope of repair, so gut it out,¬† save the top artwork and lighting system for the bar top.
I’ll also guess that Josh has the lights flashing using the old controller. If you didn’t have the original controller, a cheap Ardrino controller would do the trick.

The bar arm rail molding seals and frames the artwork against moisture, preserving the classic pinball or arcade artwork for posterity.

It’s a great new life for old technology.
Just don’t TILT the bar!