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The entire world is talking about the Corona Virus, or more correctly “Coronavirus”. Let’s be be clear, this has nothing to do with your favorite brand of beach beer. The Coronavirus is sweeping the planet in what could become a global pandemic.  This article describes the methods of transmission and includes some useful links to follow the progress and become better informed.

This is also an extension of our 11 Reasons to Entertain at Home article providing some great common sense reason why entertaining at home and an occasional alcoholic drink is never a bad idea.

First – Corona Beer is Completely Safe

The virus does not spread by the word “Corona”. Unfortunately a large number of people are avoiding Corona Beer simply because of it’s name. I have many friends who now drink Corona in spite of it’s name just for a laugh. Regardless, ClickOrlando.com reports an amazing 38% of people surveyed have their undies in a bunch just over the name. Let’s not get to that level of insanity, OK?

So please, do Corona beer company a favor and pick up a case today. It’s totally safe and the alcohol may even have some anti viral properties. So sit back and have a Corona, it’s perfectly safe!

Tips for Avoiding the Corona Virus

The best ways to avoid the spread of any virus is to simply reduce your contact with others in public areas, along with washing your hands and the common sense of covering your mouth when you sneeze…followed by washing your hands again please. These are three major places where your exposure is increased:

  1. Shopping Centers
  2. Restaurants
  3. Night Clubs and Bars

So if you like to hang out at the local bar and eat peanuts and popcorn from a community bowl, you may want to put that habit on hold for a bit. You may also want to temporarily be suspended shaking hands in favor of fist bumps. My germophobe doctor already started that practice.

How the Corona Virus Spreads

So far, it appears that the Corona Virus is only spread by direct human contact. The virus affects the respiratory system so if someone infected were to cough on you, your food or drink, the risk of transmission is greater. The goal is to reduce that risk.

What Does the Corona Virus Look Like

The Coronavirus looks like an oddly spiked spheroid, which lends to it’s name “Corona” which is Latin for “crown”. Fortunately you’ll never see it because it’s microscopic in size. See image below.

coronavirus covid-19 microscopic image


How Fast is the Corona Virus Spreading

To monitor the spread of the Corona Virus and get updates, you can visit the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering page. Of direct link to the Corona Virus Dashboard


Don’t Panic

While the Corona Virus is serious, the mortality rate is low. That means you have a very good chance of recovery, unlike the Avian Flu or N5N1 which had a high mortality rate. Keep in mind that people are dying every day from cigarettes and bacon related heart disease. Here is a chart of past outbreaks for comparison.

past viral outbreak chart

Viral Outbreaks of the Past and Present

Prepare Your Corona Virus Bunker

Being prepared is always wise. With scientists working overtime on a cure, it’s very likely that a the Corona Virus will pass quickly. However, be prepared to sit tight for a few weeks or maybe even months. You may want to avoid some of the local places you are currently frequenting. Reducing exposure is not a bad idea and it’s only a temporary inconvenience. Prevention is the best medicine.

That said, what better time to prepare your Home Bar for a few weeks or months of completely safe home entertainment while the proverbial storm passes. BTW, a basement bar also makes a great shelter during summer storms.

12th Reason to Own a Home Bar

In our article 11 Reasons to Entertain at Home, we discuss advantages of partying in the safety of your own home. Never did it cross our minds that another reason could be a global pandemic. For those of you who have already built your home bar shelter / bunker, congratulations, you are ready for the apocalypse. So sit back, relax and drink all the Corona Beer you like until this event passes. Cheers!

Feel free to throw in your two cents worth in the comments section below…