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Jul 252009

Fire Safety Cigarettes Suck!

Notice the FSC Label

Notice the FSC Label

Fire safety cigarettes are coming and may already be on your store shelves. It’s just one more way for the government to step in to interfere in our lives in a futile attempt to protect a small percentage of lazy, stupid people from burning themselves alive. By the way, the new FSC cigarettes suck, literally!

What started in New York in 2004 and has now spread to at least 21 other states through advocates who have bypassed getting fire safe cigarette legislation passed through Congress, instead going directly to the states using the Coalition for Fire Safe Cigarettes. Now we can all drink heavily and pass out in bed with a lit cigarette and feel safe.

As one man interviewed said “People that smoke in bed should have been cleansed from the gene pool anyway, now we’ll have to put up with them”.   According to the CDC smoking will kill you too, but in today’s bright & cheery economy, I think many people smoke knowing full well if could kill them, yet continue knowing it could keep them from having to work until they’re 90.

So what sucks about FSC cigarettes?

YOU! You literally have to suck you ass off to get   a decent drag from the cigarette. Nobody told me about the FSC changeover, but already I was noticing something odd about my cigarettes. They tasted a bit different, probably due to the extra strips of (chemically treated?) paper added to extinguish the fire. So, unless you just hotbox a smoke, any time you take a break to talk or perhaps breathe, the cig immediately starts to go out, so when you take another drag, you have to huff & puff to get it started again. By the time I finished several smokes, my cheeks were getting sore from all the sucking. It’s enough to make you quit smoking altogether….which is perhaps their REAL goal.

I can think of better things for the state governments to interfere in;   how about cell phone usage in cars? I’m sure that kills many more people than dying in a house fire because of a lit cigarette. How about FSC candles and gas stoves that go out before your Spaghetti-O’s are warm?

What can you do about this sneaky new law? Click here to sign a petition to get it repealed, (TOO LATE) but be sure to leave a comment on your feelings about fire safety cigarettes.

Like ’em or hate ’em – nowadays you wonder if it’s not better to keep   smoking to hasten a quick & happy death rather than to endure a long, expensive, confining, bewildered, wet stay in a nursing home.

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  106 Responses to “Fire Safety Cigarettes Suck for Smokers”

  1. These safety cigerettes are a joke ! There is nothing safe about them. And as for the people who complain about smokers why don’t you mind your own bussineess. You have no idea of what your talking about. People have been smoking forever get the hell over yourself!

  2. Surely this is more for the safety and fire experts than for the smokers themselves. But with proper safety and detection equipment and responsible smoking, there really shouldn’t be much of a problem. Stop reinventing the wheel!

  3. The new FSC were horrible to smoke..I finally purchased a cigarette roller and make my own using pipe tobacco..its a bit of a hassle but considering it now costs me maybe 10 dollars for a 7 day week of cigarettes..i’ll gladly spend 10 minutes every morning rolling my own…

  4. The Coalition for Fire Safe Cigarettes look them up sorry couldnt post a link! I am sure these non caring slimebickets would love to know how you are enjoying their poisen!

  5. Because of these people and take notice to all the coalition members! They have a huge link of them I will add the website.These people legislated that basically carpet glue be added to your consumer product cigs and they won over states and legislators with faulty data. Tehy know about the sore throats blisters on tounges and that it will also speed up the deaths of millions but they hate smoking so if a genocide were to happen oh well I guess and you the consumer had NO say you wonder why your throat is sore and you may have blisters on your tounge or it hurts well this is it ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion-based adhesive in a nutshell carpet glue you have been poisened by these fine coalition members and the lawmakers that kissed their butt! Well here is their site let the fine folks there know how you appreciate them trying to poisen you ask them if they would drink that glue!

  6. Besides the chemical poison, and the difficulty in utilizing the product for which it was designed, I find them to be a greater fire risk than the original type. The tendency for the cherry to fall off, and burn, has caused more property damage for me in the last few months, than in my 30 year habit. Different air currents pose a greater risk, especially when driving. Ceiling fans tend to increase the former risk level, with the weakened structure of the new design. Having to re-light, normally creates a volatile flare up in any situation, usually leaving flaming debris falling into cushions, etc. I’m willing to bet the coalition did not perform different scenario tests, that would have revealed these serious, dangerous flaws. Ignorance becomes law. The irony slays me.

  7. The fsc cigs suck..It\’s bullshit that they can do that to us..It,s not fair to us smokers at all..I will not smoke the fucking things..I found a store that has non fsc cigs,but there 7 dollers a pack,so I don,t smoke as much as I would like to..When my store runs out of them then the the tabacoo companys wont get anymore of my money..I will quit..That will be good for me and bad for anyone around me..

  8. The fsc cigs suck..It’s bullshit that they can do that to us..It,s not fair to us smokers at all..I will not smoke the fucking things..I found a store that has non fsc cigs,but there 7 dollers a pack,so I don,t smoke as much as I would like to..When my store runs out of them then the the tabacoo companys wont get anymore of my money..I will quit..That will be good for me and bad for anyone around me..

  9. The fsc cigs suck..It’s bullshit that they can do that to us..It,s not fair to us smokers at all..I will not smoke the fucking things..I found a store that has non fsc cigs,but there 7 dollers a pack,so I don,t smoke as much as I would like to..When my store runs out of them then the the tabacoo companys wont get anymore of my money..I will quit..That will be good for me and bad for anyone around me..

  10. i am Sandra with a huge story and need your help to save lives.i am a smoker and had know idea about the fsc chemical being put on the paper of cigs which is ethylene vinyl acetate.was voted in Washington state august 1 09 and put out sometime after that.I was hospitalized here on 5th with severe shortness of breath wheezing and fighting to breath since the 1st.i am 41 years old with once in a while having bronchitis and once in a while sinus infection.Never had i been so deathly sick and found out i was smoking fsc cigs without knowing.If you look on internet many from other states are having problems from mild to severe to damage from this new FDA drug.Please help me teach and get out to all Americans this extremely dangerous life threatening chemical they added to all cigs.This was unfair that we all were not made aware of this and how very fatal it can be.I was pumped full of steroids,breathing treatments,antibiotics,major cough medicine.And here i sit august 8th of 2010 still fighting the poison out of my body and hoping i recover.This was wrong of FDA to do this was this a way to kill us off?Makes you wonder when you read everyone on internet complaints about this chemical they added all over internet from a lot of states.They had no right to use us as Guinea pigs and i am angry for what the government has done.Please help me to save others for it will be all over the states by 2012.And please i really think a huge law firm also needs to get involved for us innocent people.Please help i beg of you.still trying to breathe in Everett Washington – -Sandra

  11. Oh, yeah, I just saw something about drinking beer but couldn’t find it again. I wish I knew what that person said, because I am quite the beer drinker. I can’t drink beer without cigarettes, but I also can’t stand the bad taste that fire safe cigarettes leave in my mouth. I have not had all the negative symptoms that others have complained about in this blog, but I have had some. As I mentioned before, we all knew cigarettes were bad for us anyway. Now they’re even worse. I totally enjoyed cigarettes, but not anymore. I quit once. I will be quitting again.

  12. I hate them too, but I think it\\\’s a good thing that they suck. It\\\’s just going to make it easier for me to quit smoking. Everybody says. \\"I need to quit.\\" Well, maybe not everybody. But I say it all the time. They are going to make it really easy for me to quit smoking, and hopefully, other people will feel the same way and quit giving their hard earned money to tobacco companies who were killing you before they made their cigarettes more dangerous.

  13. I hate them too, but I think it\’s a good thing that they suck. It\’s just going to make it easier for me to quit smoking. Everybody says. \"I need to quit.\" Well, maybe not everybody. But I say it all the time. They are going to make it really easy for me to quit smoking, and hopefully, other people will feel the same way and quit giving their hard earned money to tobacco companies who were killing you before they made their cigarettes more dangerous.

  14. I hate them too, but I think it’s a good thing that they suck. It’s just going to make it easier for me to quit smoking. Everybody says. "I need to quit." Well, maybe not everybody. But I say it all the time. They are going to make it really easy for me to quit smoking, and hopefully, other people will feel the same way and quit giving their hard earned money to tobacco companies who were killing you before they made their cigarettes more dangerous.

  15. I hate them too, but I think it’s a good thing that they suck. It’s just going to make it easier for me to quit smoking. Everybody says. "I need to quit." Well, maybe not everybody. But I say it all the time. They are going to make it really easy for me to quit smoking, and hopefully, other people will feel the same way and quit giving your hard earned money to tobacco companies who were killing you before they made their cigarettes more dangerous.

  16. I hate them too, but I think it’s a good thing that they suck. It’s just going to make it easier for me to quit smoking. Everybody says. “I need to quit.” Well, maybe not everybody. But I say it all the time. They are going to make it really easy for me to quit smoking, and hopefully, other people will feel the same way and quit giving your hard earned money to tobacco companies who were killing you before they made their cigarettes more dangerous.

  17. Jaw pain from these cigarettes
    Drove 200 miles to West Virginia to get some decent smokes

  18. Dennis, People like you need their ass kicked! Why the fuck is it that if anyone says anything Aginst Obama and his incompetence They have to be racist?! One day I really think Some poor white guy will Go to an icecream shop And order a Vanilla cone and that person will get lintched because some black guy will says he’s racist for not wanting Chocolate! Really, It sounds just as stupid when you say people are racist for not likeing the Obama-nation!

  19. My question is this, Why the Hell can’t they make FSC a choice?? Like Lite Ciggs? or Mentol? I had these things, Since they came out in Illinois, I have had a bad caugh and mucus Constintly!!! Just a Heads up for anyone wanting a real smoke, Go to YESSMOKE.com They are based outside the US and have Non-FSC.

  20. Won\’t ever have a problem caused by cigarettes if one doesn\’t smoke them.

  21. Won’t ever have a problem caused by cigarettes if one doesn’t smoke them.

  22. Won’t ever have a problem caused by cigarettes if one doesn’t smoke them.

  23. oh yeah, to all you ignorant rednecks blaming this on Obamacare and the Democratic congress… It started in 2004 in NY state, under a republican president, congress and governor… stupid racist bastards…

  24. as bugs bunny would say…”What a bunch of MAROONS”… Funniest comments thread I’ve seen in ages !!! Just put a f**kin’ bullet into your brain and save the rest of us from listening to your whining…

  25. I agree that stupid motherfu*kers who fall asleep with burning cigarettes in their mouths who kill themselves is not enough reason for my non-fire-safety Marlboro reds to become obsolete. If anything stores should carry FSC and the good and advertise FSC and market to the idiots who need such products. I do understand that the Southwest has many droughts which cause wildfires and if the queer liberal Yankee states want to have FSA then they are entitled to passing legislation to suit the majority of their populations; however, when I arrive to a state like Mississippi I expect my excellent correct redneck product to be on hand…but no, the federal government had to go and do this. I know for a fact that Mississippi’s legislation wasn’t suppose to execute until 2011, but this Obama Bin Laden character wasted money (over a million dollars) to pay off the state to institute FSC early…needless to say I was pissed when I arrived last week and this knowledge became revealed. This is it…This is what Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and James Madison told us would happen if we allowed our government to get too big. As citizens we have no more control of our policies, and very little control over our lives. It’s time to march on Washington with this issue (and others as well), and if it doesn’t work then another rebellion against Uncle Sam will no longer be justified…but necessary to keep the country our forefathers gave us by upholding the Constitution that they wrote and signed off on. As far as I’m concerned all (color, race, age, gender, geography, and ethnicity are all irrelevant in importance) true Americans need to unite over basic principals of American people and government.

  26. Ok what the heck…I’ve spent $263.49 trying to burn my house by getting my bed to sparkup and burn the house down..Now i’m broke the house is still standing and my jaw’s hurt from the constant dragging..not to mention ive gone through 26 Bic’s and 206 pks of matches…HELPPPPPP Me!!!!I want my Winston to Burn Good(clap clap)Like A cigarette should…Ok now where did i put that *$@*%++! Gas can


  28. FSC cigs what a joke GOVERMENT control has GOT TO STOP! we are a republic of the people who demanded this new regs on our cigs we are grown people what we do is our business and only ours if we choose to sleep and smoke then yoou pay not every one else just as drink and drive stop the Gov. influence !I don;t remember ever having a say in this FSC shit;cause I know i’d never agree to hurting any one with the ingredents that is now included in cigs!the body burns cough paper falling off the horrible taste stomach upsets the list can go on and on!Stop the insanity give us back the product we buy and deserve!Noskin off your back’or you and yours may be looking for another job!NO MORE TAX FOR CIGS qUIT OR SWITHCH TO A NON fsc brand

  29. FSC ~ Fucking Shitty Cigarettes! These cigarettes are making many many people sick. So, who is making us sick? The fire safety obsessors? I’m soooo mad. I’m going to the tobacco store in town today. No more boxed cigarettes for me and my man. We gonna roll. Fuck you FSC. You suck.

  30. With the help of the current administration and Democrat Majority in Congress, we can now all cut back on our carbon footprints and personal emissions. Thank you everyone for your kind participation in this experiment. Yours truly, Big Al.

  31. cigarettes are not what they used to be! I get headaches, sore throat, and anxiety like never before. I cannot smoke marlboros anymore. I’ll either quit or roll my own cause this just sucks! hopefully this will get repealed soon, it needs to

  32. I’ve solved the fsc problem. Go to Wallmart
    and buy loose tabacco and the roll your own
    machine. Of course it looks like your smoking
    dope to the untrained eye.

  33. Fuck Firesafe Cigs man! I am never smoking those "cigarettes" again!!

  34. Fuck Firesafe Cigs man! I am never smoking those “cigarettes” again!!

  35. Fuck Firesafe Cigs!

  36. I have heard all kinds of stories about who as done this and why . So if you would like to gain some more insight read carefully and visit,


  37. This is a law suit waiting to happen!!!!!Whom ever thought of this idea doesnt smoke. Just how many fires are started from cigarettes ? If someone thought that this would help people to stop smoking its a good attempt but it would be because of the excessive relighting or the nasty taste it certainly would be from major health and mental problems from the fumes inhaled from the carpet clue we as smokers are now smoking. I will not smoke them : i have the cashier search and i will drive aroung until i find packs without the fsc. What were you people thinking? It obviously wasnt to save lives!!!!!!!

  38. This is a law suit waiting to happen!!!!!Whom ever thought of this idea doesnt smoke. Just how many fires are started from cigarettes? If someone thought that this would help people to stop smoking its a good attempt but it would be because of the excessive relighting or the nasty taste it would be from major help and mental problems from the fumes inhaled from the carpet clue we as smokers are now smoking. I will not smoke them : i have the cashier search and i will drive aroung until i find packs without the fsc. What were you people thinking? It obviously wasnt to save lives!!!!!!!

  39. I totally agree with Chris B, I have been deathly sick because of these FSC Brand smokes, in fact I’m just getting over a bout with these symptoms. My son came by and made me aware of the damn things. I going to start rolling my own, but I’m sure it wont be long till they get their hand in there also.

  40. Yes the symptoms sound familiar. Sore throat, dry mouth, respiratory infection, chills, fever, body aches, headaches . Most doctors would say you have the flu or maybe strep throat. My doctor doesn’t know what I have and I have had these symptoms every since these fsc cigarettes have been on the market. The tobacco companies have a bad reputation with telling the truth in the past. Why should things change now. Maybe when the American people quit buying their products and start growing and selling their own. The multibilion dollar tobacco industry will understand that we don’t need them. Even if it means another product gone to the black market. The American smoker will change and get their untampered cigarettes one way or the other. The tobacco companies would be naive to think that smokers would not know the difference in their product. These things are making people sick and should be banned for health purposes. The public should have been informed prior to their poisoning from this tainted merchandise. Any one care to talk about long term effects. Within 4-6 weeks of these fsc’s I have had these symptoms develop and I am normally a healthy, active person but these symptoms seem to be lingering. I plan to grow my own tobacco and sell it, whether legal or not. If I am going to kill myself with cigarettes, I want to do it on my own terms

  41. The GOVERNOR of your STATE is the one responsible for signing this into law. Write or email your Senator’s and Congressman about the adverse health problems you are having and demand this FSC atrocity be REPEALED!

  42. Just how much damage have they done, and what is yet to come ?

    Why am I getting so upset, it may be, just a little bit of harmless, governmentally dispensed, genocide. Hmmmmmm… You know what ? It’s probably, just to be sure, we don’t harm ourselves, right ?

    You wanna know what else ? They have got us covered both ways. When you fall over dead because of this poisoned, contraption and it creates a house fire, no one can blame you because, you were, indeed, using fire standard compliant smokes .

    But seriously, if you don’t want to die many, many more times sooner than before, then you should do just as I did and vow to never smoke another FSC (fire standard compliant cigarette) . Alternatively though, I will,(especially now) continue to smoke tobacco in any form until it has been made entirely illegal . Also, if things don’t change by that time, I will have considered this nation unfit for habitation by freedom loving individuals such as myself.

    These new and much more effecient, liver killing, death sticks had me sick for 6 months ! I had no Idea what was causing it until January, 1, 2010. I almost died ! I already had a liver condition . Thanks for the “heads up” “big brother”.

    But wait, theres even more ! Do you feel a lump in your throat ? Is your chest on fire ? Having palpitations, accelerated pulse rate, insomnia, anxiety and/or depression ? Pulmonary edema , severe weakness, headaches, dizziness, kidney problems, confusion, inability to sleep in a horizontal posistion, hoarseness and much , much more ?

    When you get sick and you visit your Dr. he or she may have trouble diagnosing your condition . If so, just ask to be checked for ethylene vinyl acetate (carpet glue)poisoning . Also, (this is important) don’t forget to mention that you have been burning and inhaling it at, what are apparently, toxic levels !

    I would like to thank nanny government and all of the great many social engineers who are working so hard on my behalf . Now , instead of taking up to what could have been decades to kill myself, I can use the new and improved, fsc death stick, and potentialy, do the job in as little as a matter of months.

    But seriously, smoker’s will now start to drop like flies, and you know what they love to say,”Now you know, as we have already told you, smoking is dangerous”. I have been a smoker for 30 years and have never had any symtoms other than an occasional cough until, the stealthy introduction of the fsc’s.

    20 million, demonized and bullied US.citizens, may not seem to be that big of a percentage compared to the rest population but, 20 million people can completely blow the (always closed) doors from this crooked government and the rest of it’s perverted, twisted , greedy, naricisstic, social engineers ! 20 million voters can create a heck of a large swing vote . If we will all speak together our voice will be, overwhelmingly loud. Let our voice not, go unheard ! Once again, let freedom ring !

    Call , write or e-mail your state and federal representaives and don’t forget to register and VOTE !

    In case you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to sign and if you wish, leave a comment on the rather large and fast growing petition at,

    Just in case, you are a still skeptical anti-smoker and don’t believe any of this, then I dare you, (with your heart) to just read a few pages of the comments made. A lot of these unwitting victims of this atrocity will now have to suffer for life.

    Disclaimer, I am not affiliated with any tobacco or nicotine product manufacturing, promotions, sales, shipping and/or otherwise.

  43. Try Electronic Cigarettes and stop spending $60.00 or a week to support big tobacco and all the toxic chemicals they pump into Americans, they don’t care about us. And now they see how much money they stand to loose with Electronic Cigarettes so they’re trying to get into that market as well. I own Sterling Vapor Electronic Cigarettes & E juice and I’m sure eventually Phillip Morris, RJ Reynolds will shut all little E Cig dealers down. E Cigs are the safer way to go and you save over 75% compared to the toxic tobacco cigarettes.
    Quit Smoking & Start Vaping for better health
    Stay well all. Sterling Vapor E Cigs

  44. Cant stand the nausea,headaches,dizzyness,terrible taste. FSC are awful…we should be paid,for forcing them on us!!!

  45. If they did this to my Marlboro Mediums to get me to quit smoking, it worked.

    I visited family in Indiana last summer and when I bought cigarettes there, I noticed something different after about 3 cigarettes. My niece explained the new FSC to me (I had not heard of it before then).

    I returned home and to regular Marlboro Mediums until Sept or Oct, when all the stores began selling FSCs where I live. Believe me, I looked all over for the non-FSCs, but couldn\’t find any.

    They don\’t taste nor smoke correctly, and I am convinced I developed a nasty, dry cough because of them. I have stopped smoking now, because I can\’t stand the cigarettes.

  46. These damn fire “safety” smokes are rediculous, and less fire “safe” than non FSC. Pretty soon, the government’s gonna fuck up real big on something they don’t need to be sticking their heads in in the first place. I don’t know why they still wanna call it a democracy. The people have the LEAST amount to say in what the government does. All that has to happen, is someone gathers up a large group of people, and complain. Sounds kinda like Dictatorship to me.

  47. I would rather have my nuts slammed in a car door than have to smoke these fire safe fucking bullshit goverment mandated smokes surely they are not gonna fuck up the rolling papers too damn we may have to smoke pot all the time and say fuck the ciggs

  48. The FSC started making their presence known here in TN ab out a month ago. With in this month I have had terrible headaches, mood swings and the last straw is the terrible sores in my mouth.. Started rolling my own last night and felt so much better this morning no tightness in my chest or thick icky sputum this morning. It is a little time consuming took my about an hour to roll 40 but my tongue didnt bleed when I brushed my teeth this mornign so I will not be buying any more FSC AGAIN if I stop rolling I will just quit. And this appears to be cheaper to 1.99 for the tubes and I just bought a small bag of tobacco for 5.00 and my machine. So I am already saving money.

  49. I live in Ohio. We bought some cigs. in Ky. last year on the way home from a trip. I developed a sore throat, bad cough, nausea, and mouth sores from these things. The guy at our cigarette store said they would be here next year in Ohio.Well they’re here. I have to quit smoking, but I don’t think it’s right how they snuck these nasty things in on us without warning. Isn’t there something we can do about this?

  50. For 3 days had a headache and was nauseous,finally thought to check my cigarettes since the law went into effect on 1/1 in florida…..HELLO FSC’s!! They’re disgusting, and need to be gone! I also want to be contacted if a law suit is started. This country is going to hell!

  51. I have a chronic cough with ick ,tightness in my cheast ,disgusting taste and film in mouth,headache,feeling like crap . This is not just muself but many I know. I am going to start rolling my own cigarettes.
    If a law suit gets going I wish to be contacted

  52. I’m going to have to quit because of these cigarettes. I don’t know whether to say thank you or fuck you to these bastards. They are horrible and they are clearly different. The FSC cigarettes give you a head ache, chest and throat irritation and make you feel like shit.


  54. Identified Hazards

    1) Cigarette company literature and health officials have identified “light” cigarettes as no less dangerous than regular cigarettes. Such light cigarettes contain equal amounts of carbon monoxide. The affect and harm of cigarette smoke varies depending upon the smoker’s habit of taking longer, deeper and more frequent puffs on the cigarette. This is a widely accepted fact. Fire Safe Cigarettes require that a smoker inhale in less than one minute or the cigarette will extinguish itself. The need to keep a FSC cigarette burning increases the number of inhales per cigarette, and thus increases the amount of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide intake into the smoker’s lungs. The result is more health-risk damage to the smoker.

    2) The Fire Safe Cigarette design has resulted in more frequent ash, which may fall and ignite more fires than regular cigarettes.

    3) Having to relight cigarettes increases the potential for more fire related accidents with matches and lighters.

    4) The added and higher level chemicals contained in FSC cigarettes has proven to be more toxic than regular cigarettes and cause increased health related problems for smokers. Symptoms/conditions include, but are not limited to: Nausea, Sores in mouth and throat, Dry throat, constant headaches, extreme coughing, tightness in the chest, vomiting, body aches, pain in the abdomen and respiratory conditions including asthma and bronchitis.

    a. The Harvard School of Health reported that when comparing NY Cigarettes (FSC) versus Regular Cigarettes, the FSC cigarettes produced 13.9% more Naphthalene and 11.4% more carbon monoxide than regular cigarettes.[1] Naphthalene is commonly found in moth balls, and exposure in high amounts can result in “Symptoms of acute exposure include headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, malaise, confusion, anemia, jaundice, convulsions, and coma.”[2] Therefore, it has been proven that FSC cigarettes contain higher levels of chemicals that are harmful to smokers.

    b. Phillip Morris USA has reported that the Adhesive ethylene vinyl acetate and polyvinyl acetate are used in the non-tobacco ingredients of cigarettes produced as a Side-seam adhesive. However, Phillip Morris USA fails to distinguish the differences in levels between regular and FSC cigarettes. The amount does not exceed .6 % combined.[3] Since additional layers of paper are used in FSC cigarettes, more adhesive is needed in the form of ethylene vinyl acetate.

    Safe smoking habits of responsible adults prevent fatalities from burning cigarettes. It is up to individuals to responsibly extinguish cigarettes. The creation of FSC cigarettes has created numerous hazards which cause more fatalities and problems than the small amount of lives saved from fires with the FSC cigarettes in use. Not only are the FSC cigarettes unsafe to smokers, it presents health problems and increases the damage of cigarettes. Due to inadequate testing by Cigarette Companies and government agencies, the FSC cigarette poses real and identified dangers to the smoking public. Therefore, the FSC laws are detrimental to the public good and must be repealed immediately.

  55. HEY wow what a winner for uncle sam…whats next? Oh wait i know…drown proof water. Yeah lets mix a soluable gel solution together that seeps out of faucets and looks like a giant jelly mound in your pool so the dumb asses that drown themselves each year wont any longer. Come on Uncle sam lets go ahead and admit this for what it is…another attempt to make everyone do exactly what the insurance companies want…quit smoking so they dont lose their profits. I have a word for this law..B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T! How about work on passing a law that actually neds to be passed like Illegal immigration? Cell phone use in cars? Capping useless congressmen, senators and other politicians salaries for coming up with shit like this…God this country has really started rolling downhill.

  56. FSC! Smoked 1, called the local shop and have the last 3 cartons of non fsc on hold for saterday morning at 9am! Come jan 1, every brand will be fsc in va. 2012 Niggas! Only the strong will servive!

  57. I just read all the comments on this page and found them all interesting. The last one "sick in Florida" really hit home. I too have experienced nausea, dizziness and migraines all within the last two months. Never had the problems before. The coughing and hacking is unbearable. The pasty film which covers my mouth and foul taste have led me to research further into the cause. I too have only just become aware of the content of these new FSC’s, and I too, will no longer purchase the products labeled FSC. I still want to know for real whats in there?

  58. FSC cigs have made their way to florida and this sucks!!!

    My fiance and I have been smoking for almost 20 years and have never felt this bad. A few days ago I was feeling dizzy and light headed and to top it off almost passed out. The next day my fiance left work an hour early because he was dizzy light headed and had a migraine (for him to miss out on work is very rare) and he didn’t go into work the next day because he was still feeling aweful. We’ve had a horrible taste in our mouths and I’m sorry but if it was extra "paper bands" no one would be getting sick. We would have just thought we were coming down with something if it wasn’t for a friend of mine who was visiting from KY. She pointed out the FSC above the barcode and told me now that she’s been smoking FSC cigs for 2.5 years she can’t smoke cigs that don’t have the chemical in it…

    I agree this is the govts way to get people to quit, but disguised as a "fire safety" program. I’ve checked out some other sites and congress didn’t approve this initially. It actually started in new york back in 2004 (which explains why my aunts cigs kept going out and why she was hacking up a lung when she was visiting in 2005) and is being approved by the individual states.

    I smell a class action lawsuit! My fiance found a pack of non FSC marlboro reds at our regular smoke shop today and he just lit one and said he could tell the difference on the first drag! We will start rolling our own! Another subject to bring up, what would this do if a woman who smokes gets pregnant and doesn’t realize it right away? The first 3 weeks of development are crucial for babies and what’s to say this crap isn’t going to cause birth defects or miscarriages?????

    I can promise that this is going to bite the lawmakers in the ass! They bitch now about the healthcare costs of smokers, just wait!!! Down the road shit is going to crop up because of this and the govt will end up having to foot the bill. What’s screwed up is this country was built by the cotton and TOBACCO industries, now the govt is trying to kill one of the very things that made it “great” haha

  59. What is truly amazing to me is that I am on the same planet with these control freaks that want to tell me how to live my life! I am not hurting anyone but me.

    Here, in GA, we can still find non-FSC cigs. But when this carton is gone-I’m done.

    Please, FOLKS! Do NOT smoke these new cigs! Your symptoms WILL clear up if you stop. Take extra vitamin C and B complex. Do some research too detox yourself. You will feel better soon. Please don’t poison yourself. Let’s just put them out of business….


  61. From what I have found out the chemical in the cigeratte that makes it go out is equivalent to carpet glue. So would you roll your carpet up and smoke it? Because now that is what the gov has us doing. My wife and I have felt the side effects. Headaches, stomach ache, bad taste in mouth, and dry cough. I am pissed , this is such bullshit. What I am waiting for is the lawsuit from the people like ourselves who are going to end up in the hospital from all the side effects from this chemical strip.

  62. enough talk…get a fucking rope.

    -who gave this shit the go ahead?


    this isn’t a ‘right or left’ issue…it’s about sneaky bastards messing with “our” smokes…and what’s left of our health and our nation.


  63. These ciggarettes suck ass my throat hurts my nose runs and I cough constantly get sick at my stomache and they leave a horrible taste in your mouth. They have done what I have never been able to do for myself motivate me to quit. Because these new fsc cigs are really really really BAD!!!!!

  64. I just started about 3 weeks ago smokeing these fsc cigs. Didnt know that i was until my husband told me. since i have started smoking my marlboros with this fsc on it . i have been very sick throwing up headaches.This isnt good. Thinking about seeing a doctor and get a chemical test run on me. And i will SUE the shit out of Philip morris,And the assholes that made this happened . damn i already know im killing myself one puff at at time. I didnt need any more additive to speed up the process

  65. To the idiot that said “Blame Obama” this law was enacted in the early 80’s. You guys just never heard of it.

    Look it up. It’s just recently started spreading across the country.

    I assure you Obama has nothing to do with this.

  66. What moron thought this up..FSC…This can’t be good. What do we need to do to reverse this? I’m thinking the government has decided to speed up the death process because you constantly have to drag on the ciggarette to keep it lit.I hate this shit! WTF were they thinking?

  67. I was wondering what was going on to my cigarettes and now i know. God I hate them. I thought I was just sick and they didnt taste right. I have been sick now for four weeks. Went to the doctor I have been on medicine now for four weeks. I have no idea but I am wondering if the cigarettes have something to do with it. I started going through my trash to check the cigarette boxes and sure enough, they all have the FSC on the barcode. I am going to the store to see if any brand doesn\’t carry this label. I dont care what kind they are now as long as they are not the FSC brand. I have been smoking for years and this is by far the worse. I will miss my Marlboro Lights.

  68. I hate the damn FSC to, im sure the lighter companys will be pulling in the money, we will be buying more lighters to keep our cigs lit. That sucks.

  69. I am so sick and tired of all of society being punished for a handful of morons. I’ve been smoking for over 25 yrs and I admit it, during some of those years I was frequently half-wasted. I’ve never set anything on fire with a cigarette, nor has anyone I know and some of the people I know are complete imbeciles. If this was really about fire safety, we’d be talking about candles.

    And yes, all these laws that protect idiots from their own idiocy are screwing up the gene pool.

  70. fuck fsc! thats all i have to say

  71. Not to mention that they did not even prewarn us. Didn’t we have a right to know? After all we were paying an arm and leg for a damn pack of cigarettes!! I will quit making my own before I ever go back to Marlboro or any other FSC! BTW, we are averaging $1.00 a pack to make our own and they are not bad. We have started with the “zig zag” gadget, a bag of tobacco and tubes with filters. You will be suprised that they are not so bad. Good Luck to all. I hope everyone will think twice about buying the FSC anymore. Our $500.00 may not be a lot to Marlboro but you take that and multiple it by 1,000’s of people!

  72. We have went from spending $450.00 a mth in cigarettes to making our own. They have neat gadgets out there and it takes no time and very little money to make them. Try it. You will be glad you did. Hell with these FSC!

  73. its bullshit that we have to suffer from people mishapes i work with other smokers and its stupped

  74. My husband didnt know why he was having problems keeping his cigarettes lit is there some way you can tell on the carton that its this kind of cigarettes?

  75. Marlboro Cigarettes S-U-C-K-
    You finally got me to do what my wife has been trying to do for years. QUIT SMOKING

  76. Man, I noticed the switch in Wv. They taste horrible and don’t have a good reaction with my system. I did like other search for them without em and found one pack. I am quitting now because they taste so bad. Whats the gov going to do when their tax money off this starts dropping fast? Tax us someplace else.

  77. Placing the addiction factor to nicotine aside, which is insidious, the choice to smoke or not to smoke is a personal civil right. We are living in America for crying out loud. It is totally unethical and unnecessary to further subject smokers to additional chemicals. I smoked MORE cigarettes for years (120mm length). The reason I smoked them was they were safer and more cost effective. Being a longer length and having a smaller diameter required them to be actively smoked or they would “self extinguish”. I didn’t mind re-lighting. It saved me $$$. I am not an engineer but I knew exactly why this phenomena occurred. MORE cigarettes are packed tighter (more tobacco) and with them being longer in length there was less back draft of oxygen. I could literally set a MORE cigarette down in an ashtray and within 30 sec it would “self extinguish”. The same occurred if I just held onto a lit cigarette and didn’t actively draw on it. What I learned very quickly (within the first pack I smoked of MORE cigarettes) was that I didn’t really smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a day…I was smoking one pack and burning up the other 2 packs of cigarettes due to lighting up and setting the cigarette in a ashtray as I was working. The makers Of MORE cigarettes know full well this phenomena exists with that brand, thus they are priced much higher, no doubt because the less packs purchased cuts profit. So instead of 5.75 a pack for some other brand your paying nearly $8.00 per pack for MORE’s. I want to know why the burden of risk and cost is passed onto the consumer instead of where it rightly belongs…with the manufacturer. If truth were known most house fires due to cigarettes are associated with the cheapest of generic brands on the market, that are very loosely packed and burn up just as fast as a 6 month old live Christmas tree! This law needs to be repealed. It is extrapolating the dangers of smoking ten fold while still raking in profits for the manufacturers and the cities, states, and the feds through taxes. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH YOU GREEDY @#%!*@#*!

  78. I found this page because FSC cigarettes suck ass! Yet one more (out of about 9 trillion) reasons we needed Ron Paul for our president!

  79. The simple fact that the tobacco companies didn’t go on some big ad campaign to inform us that “New” products would be hitting the shelves…..goes to show you how fucking sneaky they are!! And they just “snuck” them on the shelves, and we, the consumers were not told of the changes in the products WE buy!! They KNEW this was not going to go over….I agree with the others….lets all quit smoking cigarettes….put our efforts into legalizing pot..or learn to grow it ourselves….and FUCK the cigeratte companies AND the government!! We’ll all be a LOT happier and healthier and the cig. corporations and government can fuck each other!!



  82. Leave it to Big Brother to make the cig companies add something to tobacco so it won’t burn. Next…candles that don’t burn? Screw Congressman Joe Moakley from MA and Senator Alan Cranston, CA for making this happen. I hope there is a way to stop it short of growing my own tobacco. Smoking used to be enjoyable. Fuck the fucking fuckers. Welcome to the USSA.

  83. I don’t know if anyone already posted this but the chemical (or rather chemicals) they added are "[sic] adhesive ethelyne vinyl acetate" which is an adhesive made by Dupont © which is used in flooring to adhere carpet to hardwood floor (or linoleum, tile, etc.) And that has to end up killing more people that it saves. They might save a few hundred lives a year from fire, but the people that must be dying frome these chemicals far outweighs the people its saving. If you’re stupid enough to die from fire from your own cigarette then you deserve it. Its called survival of the fittest for a reason. Nowadays it seems the dumber of the bunch are going further than the rest because of stuff like this.



  85. does anyone else, other than one person on here, notice that your stomach feels sick after smoking the fsc’s for a while? just curious if it’s just me and the other person or if anyone else has noticed it.

  86. these fire safety cigarettes suck ass,why can’t they leave us alone we have no freedom of any thing anymore this world is so fucked up we have no rights to do anything there putting chemicals on the papers next thing you know it will becausing us to die faster probably why they started this half the population smokes this world is over crowded daaa

  87. Here is what I think…. I think that the government has tried passing the no smoking laws and it is not working. They jacked the prices up sky high and it didn’t work. Now they are forcing the tobacco companies to change the cigarattes for ( fire safety) for their benefit. These new FSC cigs taste bad. This is our free country.. They are trying to make it a smoke free country now?

  88. ok, 1 there tarible tasteing, 2 they dont stay lit long enuff to enjoy yourself at all, and 3 what the fuck is that chem. it reminds me of the smokless cig. and alot of people fucking died, are they trying to kill us all? this probly hasnt been tested nearly long enuff. dose anyone know if this will effect imports cuz thats were im gunna start getting mine.

  89. My wife and I bought a few packs of Marlboro red 100’s, and then I went to work. Later when I got home (after noticing something odd while smoking at work), she asked me if my cigs kept going out. I later realized that these were the new FSC packs. We used to smoke American Spirit brand- and they sent us a letter about two months ago saying that this was going to happen. We did not know it was going to be THIS bad! I used to smoke slowly- now I get a high just trying to keep it lit! Much safer.


  91. I am going to one of the states like VA, NC, SD, NM, or NV to buy my cigs the last 3 states have not filed for the "FSC" so they should still be good.
    We can blame Bush, this came about b4 Obama’s time. I started smoking American Spirits for the NO CHEM. I am over the gov’t interference, again & again.

  92. Cigeretes sucks now i hate this new chemical

  93. These suck i was driving and ashed my ciggeret out the window and the cherry came off into the back seat into my kids eyes…

    Now my kid has cherry burns on his face…

    Fuck this new chemical – Whens it gonna be back to normal????

  94. This shit sucks Im switching my ciggeret brands from marlboro to Roll Your Own…

    I am pissed off – YOU CAN ALL BLAME OBAMA

    And like one of the people said above the government should just let us enjoy our bad habits – and when did they start caring about americans life anyways….

    Fuck Everyone that support the FSC ciggerete

    Now we can all switch brands and putt the ciggerrete companies out of business…

    And no one better start adding the fucked up chemical in my marijuana cause ill have to kill

  95. FSC can SMB and the person who made them also! I also took apart one of my cigs by knocking all of the tobacco out of the paper. No “special” rings that i could see. I lit the paper and it burnt right up! I then rolled the tobacco in a paper and started to smoke it. It went out in less than a min!! theres gotta be some chemical mixed in with the tobacco on top of w/e they do to the paper. Why not sell me a gun and a bullet with a pack of cigs now. Would kill me just as fast but less suffering from having to smoke this shit!@#$%@!#

  96. I too have been a long time smoker. HATE the new FSC cigarettes…I have never burned myself, my clothing and my car as much as I have since they came out!! I think the master plan is to get us all to quit….fuck that.


  98. Fuck These new ciggs and FUCK the companies for making them fire safe and FUCK the government for trying to rule my fucking life. Government is not suppose to have power over the people, Americans need to stop being pussies and take control again , I hate having to take longer harder draws to get a decent hit off my cigarettes. I wear my seatbelt but dont think anyone should HAVE to if they dont want to , Fuck the cameras at every street corner, public safety my ass, they want to rule us


  100. I think the new paper is more of a fire hazard. I have noticed rings of burning paper falling off the cigarettes and burning my clothes, my hands, arms and they just suck. Never had that with normal cigarettes If they want to make cigs so bad, why don’t they make them illegal? Because they want the tax money.

  101. I have read all of the comments above and have a few things to say also… I also HATE the FSC, I have smoked for 35 years and have smoked ALL types and flavors of cigs over the years and these FSC are by far are the most sickening things I have ever put fire to! All of the issues stated above are true…sucking your ass off, the cherry falling off, getting the feeling of nausea and headache, etc. So, I took one of my 25 cent cigs. and took it to my cutting board and disected it…this cig stamped FSC, DOES NOT have extra strips of paper inside, the tobacco shows NO visable evidence of anything mixed in it, nor does the filter…So my question is WHAT chemicals are being used to snuff these cigs as these do??? I feel we have a right to know!!! They made cigs legal years ago, tax the shit out of them, and now poison them…It’s all Bullshit!!!!!!!!!!

  102. I am absolutely furious over the new FSC’s!!!! They taste horrible, they make me sick to my stomach, and I am so sick of the damn things going out every 2 seconds. Who the hell does our Gov’t think they are? I have had to switch brands just to avoid smoking an FSC. I can’t wait until all the law suits start piling up on the dumb ass that made these poisonous things!

  103. I hate the damn things. Today I went to like 8 stores and had the cashier look for a pack of Basic’s that didn’t have the FSC tag above the bar-code, complaining the whole time and realizing that (acording to the cashiers) that everyone was complaining(the poor guy said he almost got in a fight with someone over them less than an hour before I come in.They taste like crap and while you are sucking on the unlit butt to try to get a decent puff, you are gagging and end up throwing the whole half of cigarette away. Uck!

  104. These cigarettes suck. I got a sore throat and a dry hacking cough as well and headaches and nausea from smoking these. Stupid stupid stupid people trying to protect other people from their own stupidity. I say let the stupid people burn themselves up and the rest of us not so stupid people enjoy our bad habit in peace.

  105. I live in Ohio, but was in KY and bought 2 packs of Marlboros. I noticed the difference by the first cigarette. What the hell? This ain’t smoking right.
    Also, if you try to flick your ash out the window of your car while you’re driving, the fire end may come off. How is this safer? The fire comes right back in your car….in the back seat.

  106. I tried them and they suck. You get a sore mouth from excessive puffing and they taste like paper, not tobacco.

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