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    I am going to build the 45 degree bar along with this bar back. I want to build an aquarium into the center of the bar back where the mirror would normally go. Can anybody offer any suggestions on how to reinforce this unit so that it would support a 30 or so gallon aquarium? This bar is going to be located in my basement which I am in the process of finishing. I could also anchor the tank into the concrete wall. Any thoughts?

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    I would build a dedicated support frame using 2×4 stud material in the same dimensions as the published base. A single 4 foot 2×4 can support over a ton of weight, so no need for overkill. Then build the top section and skin out a frame around the tank.

    Otherwise, just build the published design and beef up the center support with 2×4’s that carry the load all the way to the floor.
    30 gallons is only about 30 gal * 8.33lb/gal = 249.9 lbs

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