Bar Base over hang?

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    I am building the 45 degree bar plan and do not understand the bar overhang distance. The base layer of plywood that mounts directly on top of the 2×10 support layer is 18 inches wide. Which from my calculation makes an 8 inch overhang for the base layer due to the fact that the base layer sits flush to the bartender side of the 2×10 support layer. I guess my question is should I be cutting 13 inch wide base layer boards or am I missing something. 13 inches would give the base layer a 3 inch overhang. Please help I want to keep the ball rolling and get this bar done. Thanks.

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    After breaking the plans down further with less beer I realize 18in is what it should be and that the next layer is what gives me the three inch gap between layers. However there is no specific direction on which size bar moulding needs purchased. Small, Medium, or large?

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    The thing with the bar moulding, and I assume you are referring to the bar rail, is that it is different everywhere you go. I bought mine from a local lumberyard and actually had a few options. I contacted a few yards and actually asked them to trace the outline of their bar rail and fax it to me. I traced them onto a scrap piece of cardboard and used them to figure out which I liked best. I then built the top to accomodate the bar rail I liked best, and the result is awesome. But for the plans to call for a specific bar rail is rather inconvenient. The rail I bout is almost $10 a linear foot, and the longest run is 13 feet. If you had to use a specific rail and have it shipped, the cost would be outrageous. Fine your rail, and build to it. Good luck, and cheers!

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