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    I have been trying to get an answer about the base layer of the bar top. It states in the plans to have it flush with the existing foundation, but that means that it would hang over 8 inches. Is that correct? Does anyone have pictures of the base layer being installed? I see plenty of pictures with the finish layers, but nothing of the base layer. It is very confusing on the measurements of this layer.

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    Im having the same problem. What did you end up doing for that area

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    Take a look in the Builder’s Gallery and you will find a ton of photos showing the bar top layer constriction.




    Can you point out the exact page in the plans that is unclear?

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    Its on Page 20, #75. It says the width should be 18 inches but the directions say it should be flush on the bartenders side and hang over 6 inches on the other side. The math doesn’t add up when you are putting it on a 2X10. So what should it be 18 inches wide or 16 inches?

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    Going to start building mine next week end. Orion what did you end up doing ?

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    Did anyone get an answer to this question?

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    You butt it up against part #88. Part 88 is what is actually made flush with the bartender side of the framing. Part 88 is 10″ long. The Base layer is 18″ wide.
    The resulting base layer front overhang is about 3.5″ (3 and 13/23″)
    Once the arm rail is installed that over hang will be increased a bit by the overhanging portion of the arm rail molding.

    The confusion arises because part 73 is actually made flush to the back of the bar. You should start working from left to right and it all falls into place. Starting from the right side not so much. I do not see anything in the plans that says to make it flush to the back of the bar top support.

    See diagram below…

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    Thanks for the additional info. The only discrepancy that I still have is….if #88 is 10″ and the base is 18″…I come up with an overhang of 5 1/4″, not
    3 13/32″. That is based on the bar top framing being 22″ with a 3/4″ trim piece.

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    Hey there maybe a silly question where are you finding these diagrams? I have the plans for the bar, but I’m not seeing these particular diagrams popping up in the formum
    here on my download… For instance I’m not seen part 88 anywhere in my PDF… Thanks in advance.


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    never mind I get the picture now:)

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    this is part 75 which is 18″ wide and ended up overhanging 8″ not 6″ as stated on page 21 of the plan.

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    this is the picture

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