Cabinet door assembly

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    I just started building the bar back yesterday and my next step will be the cabinet doors assembly. I was wondering how you get the shaker style frame together. Do you just glue the 4 pieces together and use the door panel as a support or do you use tongue and groove planks for the frame? I’m afraid the former method will not be very strong and sturdy, but the latter would need special wood working tools. Am I missing something or is there any way to easily assemble the doors?


    Edit: In other words, can one expect a strong build using only glue and miter clamps without tongues and grooves?

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    The best method is to use two large bar clamps and a pocket hole jig kit. First, be sure your mating surfaces are perfectly square, next mark the area where you will need to drill the pocket holes and drill them.

    To assemble, lay the boards on a flat surface and apply glue to the edges that meet…next place your bar clamp on the work to hold it tightly. Finally insert the pocket screws and allow to dry. Makes for a very strong joint.

    Here is the Kreg Master system for pocket hole joinery:

    and here is the cheaper Kreg R3 system:

    watch the product demo videos to learn how pocket hole joinery works.

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