CHBD for the L Shaped Kegger Bar?

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    I really want to build that bar, but instead of 8′ x 10′ I’m needing it to be 66″ x 100″.

    I can do the math on my own, but would love to use your tool!

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    I will be adding it very soon…you might want to consider the 45 degree corner version, which is very similar.

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    admin wrote:
    I will be adding it very soon…you might want to consider the 45 degree corner version, which is very similar.

    Thanks for the tip. The problem is the 45 degree bar “middle” section can’t be resized. And, the overall size is 74.75″ x 74.75″.

    My overall dimensions need to be 74.75″ x 89.5″. I can just leave off one of the sections for the 74″ side, but the other side… it won’t let me adjust it below 24″ in length.



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    Hi there, any ideas on my problem?

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    is this getting added?

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    I would really like to see the L’Shaped Kegger Bar on the CHBD, I am going to get the bar built over the next few weeks and would love to have this plan worked out. I am a novice but figure I could try and adapt the L shaped bar and the normal kegger bar, but this would take me some serious figuring out. Using the tool would make like much simpler. Could this please please be added sooner rather than later ?

    Thanks !

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    I’m also waiting on the EHBP-04 L-Shaped Kegger & Wet Bar Plan for the CHBD. Reading the pdf file for the plan specifically directs you to use the CHBD but its not available. Frustrating!

    Any idea on an ETA? I’d like to get started soon and would be willing to wait a bit until your awesome program is set up to handle this. If it won’t be available for a month or more I’d like to know that too so I can start my resizing adjustments by hand.

    Thank you.

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    I was wondering the same thing since it says,”this plan is resizable using the chbd tool” right on the cover page of the PDF. Do you know when it will be on there?

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    I’ll be working on this today…I think all the parts were entered, but I need to enter the section images.

    This was another of the legacy designs that was not really intended for the CHBD, but I’ll make it work…

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    Is there any update on when this will available for the “L” shaped kegger? Thanks

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    willgda wrote:
    Is there any update on when this will available for the “L” shaped kegger? Thanks

    This is the design I am going to build as well. Can we please get an ETA on it coming through the CHBD?

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    Will this ever be updated? I emailed last November and was told it was coming soon. This was the reason I signed up for the plans. Still waiting….

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    This one falls on me guys. I’m doing the updates for this, I’m also up to my eyeballs in alligators trying to keep the site alive in the search engines after Google 950’d the site for using the words “bar plans” on our front end pages. You see, if people don’t find the site, the site is reduced to pizza money income, and if the site has pizza money income, I’m off all day working to survive and projects get put off to the next available time that is not already allotted to eating, sleeping and possibly living live for a few hours.

    So, I’m combing 70+ pages of the site trying to clean up Steve’s previous “verbosity” and doing everything else. Plus, there is currently a global WordPress hack going on that forced us (along with Googles backasswards updates) to close the blog.

    That all said, it is very easy to do the calculations to lengthen or shorten this model. Also, because this design was created before the CHBD and did not have it in mind when it was designed so there are several shared parts that make entering it into the CHBD problematic. The only solution is to redesign it from the ground up, which will take, you guessed it, time.

    What can YOU do? Help us stay alive in the search engine by interacting with us on our Facebook page. It sounds silly and I’m not a big fan of FB, but social signals are now very important in distinguishing a valuable home bar resource site from what Google now calls “webspam”. That or use the little feedback link on Google’s web search form to complain that you searched for (for example) “wet bar plans” and could not find

    It’s become so dog-eat-dog out there that I’m spending more time trying to tread water and keep the site in operation than I should be spending creating new projects, supporting customers and finishing a few half completed projects, like the EHBP-04 on the CHBD.

    Finally, I’m working on developing a whole new site that will avoid Googles new restrictive EMD update. It’s called (silly name, but there are no competitive search terms in it, unlike You’ll notice the site now on top in Google have made up word names like,, and – ridiculous!

    Whew! I just woke up, so that may not spell check right. ;^)
    I’ll do my best to get this done ASAP. :unsure:

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    Do you have an ETA on this yet?

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    Hi – I close on a new house in three weeks. One of my first projects – starting in December will be the L shaped Kegger bar, however, I need to fit it carefully into my available space, change the orientation etc etc…. so, I am also anxiously awaiting the availability of the project in CHBD. Please advise on an ETA.

    Thank you.

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