CHBD Gives incorrect measurements

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    I recently opened a ticket on this, but thought this might be an appropriate place to post this as well.

    While building the EHBP-02- L-shaped bar, I noticed that the cut sheet of the modified bar gave incorrect measurements on a few items.

    For reference, I change the Main Leg from 99.75 x 30 x 42 to 72 x 24 x 42 and the Side Leg from 125.625 x 30 x 42 to 48 x 24 x 42

    Through reverse engineering, I determined that the CHBD tool is likely to simply subtract the difference of overall lengths in each dimension (X,Y,Z) from each of the pieces for that dimension. This works for many pieces but gives incorrect lengths on several.

    For item # 8, 801, and 802 if you subtract the length difference you get an inaccurate result because there are 2 of the same pieces in line. For an accurate result, you need to subtract half the length difference from each piece.

    For item # 301, the measurement will be off if you change the depth of the main section. In order to correct this discrepancy, if the main leg width is shortened, add the difference to item 301; if the main leg width is increased, subtract the difference to item 301.

    The problem is likely to propagate to several pieces in this design alone, not to mention several other designs.

    Let me know if these findings are incorrect or if my corrections are not right.

    I really like the overall concept of the CHBD and wouldn’t mind helping develop and improve the source code (I’m a computer security expert by design, but have an extensive programming background).


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    Sorry for not getting back to you through the ticket system Alex…

    The multi part feature is programmed and does work.

    The EHBP-02 was not originally designed for use with the CHBD and I see the problem with your second point.
    I am working on a fix for that as time allows.

    As far as helping with programming, you are more than welcomed, but I would need to set up a test server on a scrap domain.
    I’ll then password protect that area to allow only designated hands on the script….

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