chest freezer dimensions

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    What height, width, depth dimensions are necessary to fit the 1/2 barrel keg?
    Will the CO2 tank also have to fit in the freezer?


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    A half barrel is 24.5″ high and 17″ in diameter. You will also need height for the tapper and hose. I also use my keg chamber to store bottled beer, mixers, etc. I’ll measure the dimenions of my keg box when I get home and post.


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    If you know the storage space I’d appreciate that info. I’m looking at Fridges and chest freezers with space from 2.5 cubic feet to 4.9 cubic feet.

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    A little late on the response, I know, as I am sure (or at least hope) that you have taken care of this by now. Anyways, I liked the following site, and maybe others will find it helpful for the sizes:

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