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    so . . here is a video of the framing out a version of the l shaped kegger that i modified greatly in sketchup to meet my space. i also decided to go with a danby keggerator conversion instead of the draft box (although I just fit the fridge)

    next up . . . etex top and trim

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    Excellent video, the music really makes it! I was chuckling the whole time watching the big guy tearin’ it up!
    I was hoping to see the completed bar at the end with some nice slow relaxing music while you enjoyed a cold beer.

    Hope ya don’t mind if I share it…oh, and maybe throw a credit in for barplan.com – cheers!

    BTW – were you working directly off the PDF on the laptop? If so, that’s pretty cool!

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    Here is the application of ticket stubs and a seal coat of envirotex lite.


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    I ended up building it virtually from the PDF in SketchUp to interalize it and customize it to my space. . . so I was going off the SketchUp from the laptop. I had everything pre-cut and pocket hole pre-drilled.

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    Did you post any photos of the completed bar top in the gallery? I’d love to see the final result.

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