how to get main power to bar

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    wondering if anybody can tell me a good way to get power in to the bar without it being an eye sore?

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    I ran mine through the foot step on the left hand side, then up and behind the keg box through some conduit, and then finally above the fridge, where my outlets are. I screwed up and didn’t put any outlets above the workspace counter, so I had to put a surge protector there. I would put at least one four bank of outlets above and below your counter. I also have a couple of outlets running through a switch for lights.

    You can see where the cord comes in on the lower left corner of the bar in the first pic. The outlets are shown in the second pic. I used an extension cord.

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    Sorry, I guess I can only attach one picture at a time. Here’s the first one.

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    Power is run between the support uprights. Drill 3/4″ holes as needed 12″ or higher above floor level to reduce the risk of flooding shorting out your bar. Also good to keep it dry when the BS starts filling the bar. 😉

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