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    The CHBD is a helpful tool, but is certainly is not magic.

    It is NOT a 3D modeling tool. It’s a cut & material list 3D calculator.
    It DOES NOT generate images of the new shape. If you absolutely need a visualization, simply draw 2D scaled layout on paper.

    It will allow you to make nominal changes and sometimes allows you to make very large changes.
    Large changes can result in negative lengths and that is a good sign you’ve gone too far.

    If you notice a negative number or two, then the next step is to examine the drawings and figure out why.
    If it makes no sense, post a question or open a support ticket to point out a possible data entry error.
    Usually a little examination will show that you’ve just gone too small.

    The CHBD will not ADD or SUBTRACT materials…it just uses the parts entered as standard. If you try to go longer, you may need to add more supports or substitute longer materials where needed. The CHBD will not change an 8 footer to a 10 footer if you exceed 96″. It will still say 8 footer in the materials, but common sense will dictate that a 10 footer is now needed.

    So, while it is a very helpful tool, it is not without limitations.

    Be sure you read the user guide before you start.

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    Getting around the materials substitution issue:

    For the most part, all the 2x lumber parts can be cut from 8 foot lengths. But if you’ve extended the bar length, you might need 10′, 12′ or longer boards.
    One you’ve printed out your material and cut list, just scan down the consolidated list and mark any 2×4 parts over 96″ and note them.
    Just add a few of the longer boards and you should be OK.

    Most of the current plans were not designed to be radically extended, so a little brain work is still required while you decide to customize the design.

    Several plans on the drawing table will allow for the sectional expansion of your bar.

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    I have to say that I used the CHBD tool and the cut list was very inaccurate. I ended up measuring and making my own cuts instead of using the list. What bothers me is the fact that I made a bunch of cuts and then ended up having to buy new lumber. I would caution anyone that is thinking about using the CHBD-Use the original directions but measure for your own dimensions. It will save you aggravation and money :( I’m sharing this information because I am a first time bar builder and it really through me off

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    You should never, EVER, E V E R! assume the part is the correct size. you should ALWAYS “Measure Twice, Cut Once”. This is covered in the user guide, but of course, nobody ever reads that. The CHBD is a guide, not the end-all-be-all of resizing.

    That said, many, many others have not experienced any problems.

    Your inaccuracy could be due to improper use of the resizing tool. Can you provide any specific examples of these inaccuracies? On which plan did you see this issue?

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    In all cases, be sure you read both the standard material list and if you decide to use the CHBD, compare the CHBD to the standard. If you see a major discrepancy, open a support ticket.

    Always read through the entire plans set to be sure you understand which materials will be used for which parts. The materials list is a GUIDELINE ONLY! It is always possible to substitute materials for any woodworking project.

    Any inaccuracies should be reported ASAP so they can be corrected. When in doubt, the standard plans material list should always superceed the CHBD material callouts.

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