Known Issue – Working in Metric Units

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    Issue: If you load a new or saved project using the cm units, your edits will be wrong in the final printout.

    Reason: When editing a project in metric, you will notice the units increment display still shows “inches”.
    The user display shows the correct changes, but in the background it’s really still incrementing the inch measurement, so the conversion in the final output is incorrect.
    The database never actually works in metric, it just converts English to Metric in the final printout page.

    Proper operation: It was never actually the intent to allow metric editing. The intent was to allow English editing and convert to metric on the final print out.
    So, a workaround is to find an English tape measure, determine your desired overall size in English units, then edit the overall size in English.
    Once you complete that, save your project, then go to the print manager and select “cm” units. The final output will convert all the English units to cm properly. (x*2.54)

    This issue is in the que for a future upgrade.
    Please don’t ask when… 😉

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