L-Shaped Kegger Bar Construction

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    Does anyone by chance have pictures as they went along on their keggerbox construction. I am finding the plans have some missing items. I am not quite sure how to complete the kegger box construction. How does the fridge mount up to the keggerbox, no pictures for me too see. How do i cool the kegger box. I guess i am not too hip to refrigeration practices the bar came out looking great just trying to finish up the keg box. Thank You for your patience and time.

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    @bobjuncker – there are quite a few photos in the gallery of kegger bars under construction, but ya gotta dig a bit to find em…I’ll do some looking and post back some specific links.

    The Keg Box concept is very simple and it is covered in this forum extensively, do a search on keg box or keg box cooling.

    The idea is to simply remove the door of a compact fridge, then fit it the best way possible to the side opening of the insulated keg box. It does not have to fit perfectly because you will fill any seams or holes with expanding spray foam. Make sure you use enough to create at least a 2 to 3 inch thick seal.

    As far as cooling, the secret is air circulation. There is a ton of posts regarding that topic and how to keep your keg box cold using small low voltage fans like that salvaged from an old PC or purchased from a PC parts store. . Again the search will help.

    Hope that helps!

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    thank you i will do some more searching

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    @bj: You might also find this page useful: https://www.barplan.com/members/page/pla … rworks.htm

    It is located on the bottom of the straight kegger bar download page.

    You can also use the site map to find other as of yet unexplored ares of the membership site. sitemap: https://www.barplan.com/members/page/sitemap.htm

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