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    Hi all,
    I am really wanting to build this bar but am concerned about space. My man cave is actually a 45’x16′ metal building, with a dividing wall and pass through door at 9.5′. I want the bar in the front room (9.5’x16′) with the poker tables and pool tables behind the wall and door (keeps smoke out of the playing area) but am worried 9′ just isn’t going to be deep enough for the bar and back bar. I was hoping to get some feedback from those who have completed this bar about the area dedicated with stools and all so I can get a feel for feasability.

    Please chime in.



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    Is there a moderator or something that can offer advice? A week and no response is a little discouraging. The room is 16′ wide and 9′ deep with a doorway in the center of the wall I would like to put the back bar on. Back bar, main bar, workspace and stools all within 9′???? Seems tight. Anyone???

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    I don’t think anyone wanted to touch this one, you’re attempting to jam 10 lbs of meat into a one pound bag.

    I’d get out a tape measure and graph paper to lay it out, but you are correct about the limited size you have available. You can modify the bar to shorten a leg to allow for a little more space.

    Can you scan a rough drawing to show where your door is?

    I drew up a simple layout that might help, but I know nothing of your door layout.

    See attached drawings…

    Fig 1 – default layout for your room size
    Fig 2 – shifted bar to eliminate keg box section, but leave a slim 35″ for seating. It’s cozy, but it’ll work, however, you’d need an extra door on the back wall or a flapper door in the bar top to access the back bar.

    You could also rotate the bar CCW 90 degrees and have the keg box section against the wall, then just shorten the main leg to allow you to SQUEEZE behind the bar. However that eliminates one side of seating.

    I’m working on a sample of that option…

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    Here is a one other option, but it has it’s pros & cons…
    Pros – allows for bar back space, requires no second door.

    Con – eliminates half your available seating…probably fits 4 or 5 stools.
    Requires you to shorten main leg by about 40″.

    Because your room is so narrow, the bar back would have to be on one of the side walls, not the front wall…the back wall is possible if you could have a built in bar back that would extend into your back room by 12 to 16 inches and require you to knock out a section of wall.

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    I uploaded the plans I have been playing with into my members gallery. I shows the layout of the building, position of the wall and doors, etc.

    appreciate any help you can offer.

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    That’s a pretty small space for the bar. Is it possible to move the wall back 3 feet? That would make for a more comfortable bar area without taking too much away from the back room. Either way, I’d recommend cutting enough of the wall out to build a bookcase style bar back. Who knows, with a little ingenuity you could build your door as part of the bar back creating a secret doorway.

    Another option is to build a normal height bar top support using the “wall method” – Then place shallow cabinets (24″) behind the bar. I’ll draw something up & be back later…

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    After much back and forth I’ve measured everything out, and the best bet seems to be installing it to the right of the door.

    I’ll have to reduce the side leg by 21″ to bring it to 75″ and 109″ across the front.

    I bought a commercially made kedgerator, compact dishwasher, and bar fridge. By removing the need for both a keg box, and fridge box, I can trim down the side leg to get it where I need it.

    That means the fridge (Summit SCR 700) 36″ Wx20″Dx36″H and dishwasher (Whirlpool Compact) 18″Wx22″Dx36″H will have to go upfront. But at 30″ deep that leaves almost 4′ behind the bar. If I put a 12″ bar back in for glasses and bottles, I’ll still have 3′

    I need help modifying the plan though. I can’t seem to get the CHBD to work. Can you throw me an assist??

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    The EHBP-04 is not yet working with the CHBD. Just lengthen the base and top support parts for the main section. It’s not difficult at all.

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    Well, I bought all the lumber on the materials sheet, and I am going to try this tomorrow. I have to shorten the overall length of the side leg to 71.33″. I have dropped the 31.42″ by removing the kegerator box. I have a commercial kegerator that I will place up front. Still nervous about the cut list though. Just cut 31.42″ off every long measurment? That can’t be right, because the bar top overlaps. Any quick suggestions before I just plow into it?

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