Mushroom tap beer tower + Root beer keg

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    Would a mushroom beer tower work with the 1 or 2 inch pvc pipe? I’ve been looking on the internet at these and think I need to actually see the bottom of one to see if the pvc would slide right in there. I want to get one with a few tap handles because I want a couple kegs and a keg of root beer in my kegbox. That reminds me–how big is the root beer keg? Isn’t it tall?


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    are you a homebrewer? Whats a mushroom tower?

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    No–it’s a draft beer tower you see in bars. Check out this link:

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    That link might not work–Go under, commerical products, beer dispensers, then to mushroom towers.

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    Yeah, it can be done.
    You may have to increase the size of the PVC, but that’s no biggie. Depending upon how many faucets you order, there will just be a few more beer lines. See if they can fax you a spec sheet then substitute the closest size PVC to fit the inside diameter of the tower. Then size the inner tube so the extra lines fit, and there is a space between the inner and outter tubes. Finally fill the space between the two tubes with spray foam insulation.

    If you are considering more than 2 kegs, I would modify the plans to create am 8 foot kegger section, and raise or remove the workspace counter. Then I’d place that bar section against the wall (which hopefully is adjacent to a back room) so you could install two 2.7 cubic foot fridges THROUGH the wall. So, you would have one frdige on one end and another fridge on the other, then use small 12 volt fans to circulate air. I would also consider more than one keg box doors.

    I would guess you could easily get 4 kegs comfortably into one well insulated 8 foor section (18 inches per keg).

    If you need more help, feel free to reply.

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