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    First off thanks to Barplan.com, helped me out big time with tackling this myself being a very green wood working guy. My only experience to date is crown moulding, and a book case that surprisingly turned out square and level. So to take this on and build something as visible and prominent in the house (patio) as this took some effort to prove to the master of the house that it could be done and would turn out good.

    I have attached (if this post is successful) the google sketchup plans as they stand today. Love that tool! Also attaching a simple screen shot of the plans from sketchup for those that don’t have access to it.

    For starters I debated the kegerator vs keezer, purchase vs convert option and ended up going with the keezer as this was going on the patio (3 walled and covered with roof) and I wanted the performance a freezer would give and have been pleasantly surprised by how infrequent it has to turn on to maintain beer temps at 38F.

    My plans are to build a modified 45 degree corner bar with back bar, section C for me is essentiallly going to be the drop down gate for entering the bar as I will be cornered in by back wall and side wall at other end of the plans. The keezer eats up all of section A but that will be fine, I will be removing the top and replacing with a butcher block top to match it to the lower counter of section B.

    My progress:
    In August of last year I built modified the keezer and set it up for temporary use with a tap on the side where I eventually will plumb the beer lines to the tower in the middle of the bar. BIG MISTAKE. No further progress was made until January when my brother in law moved away and my beer drinking tapered off. But that is ok it gave me plenty of time to review my plans and think everything through for what I eventually wanted to do. I have since been making good progress, funding be damned, as each month goes by. Now ready for purchasing the lower counter and back bar tops (oak butcher block). Wife has also OK’d a mini fridge for back bar under counter, so I have to pick that up and modify the cabinets I hand made with my newly aquired kregg jig (another top notch tool). Once those are in, the bar top will come together and I will then turn my attention to the sides of the bar itself, going for a treasure chest look with horizontal boards and vertical trim with rustic iron nail heads. keezer will be locked with a big iron pad lock complete with skeleton key.

    So, take a look, chime in with your thoughts tips. Will be back with more questions for those that may have encountered any of the design issues that I have along the way, and more pics to follow.

    [attachment=1:c0s93kr6]Man Cave Bar3_coffin box_rob.skp10.jpg[/attachment:c0s93kr6]

    [attachment=2:c0s93kr6]Man Cave Bar3_coffin box_rob.skp9.jpg[/attachment:c0s93kr6]


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    Actual Bar pics now:

    Learned pocket hole joinery, edge banding, and basic cabinet making, fun stuff this is.

    Electric was actually run last night after I got the pic, but that just makes it look messy until I get the outer skin on this puppy.

    Next big design decision to tackle:

    foot rest foot rail?

    I had planned on doing the brass rail and now that I got this far I realize I have my 2×4 supports on the inside of my box frame that rests on the ground so I either simply build out the bar wall to align with that horizontal box frame, or I go with the foot rest and build out for that? Anyone have any thoughts on that?

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    Looks good so far….but as far as foot rest vs. foot rail? I’d do foot REST! unless of course you have about $600 to blow on brass rail & fittings.

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    Progress is slow but in the right direction.

    Got the keezer top cut and in place, butcher block to match the countertops. I like how it looks, just need to give it a rub down to darken it a bit more.

    Also built a Love’s temperature controller box with an always on outlet and the temp controlled outlet to plug the keezer into and cooling fan into.

    Edited to add in pic of lower bar counter top. I am concerned here about the overlap of the bar top from the front of the bar and the side, will pretty much leave me with no counter space on that nice looking top. Considering adjusting the bar top size or sliding it out and hanging it over the front a little bit more? Thoughts?

    Next up, back bar countertop and sink then on to the skin for this beast and the bar top.

    Thanks for the comment Sam, am leaning more towards building that foot rest now. See how I feel in a couple more weekends. Still got lots to buy though so building it myself might be the only option.

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