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    I am trying to resize the leg of the l shaped bar. The chbd is giving me negative values for lengths of wood. How do I correct this

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    You don’t. If you hit negative numbers, you’ve gone too far. The CHBD is good for “nominal” changes in size only.

    If you have hit negative numbers, you’ve gone so small as to basically eliminate those parts.

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    I am trying to make the one leg of the L-shaped bar 30 inches but I also am getting negative measurements.

    The CHBD specifically says that 24 inches is the minimum. Being 30 I don’t get how the numbers could go negative.. And, Am I wrong in thinking I can just subtract the length I needs to minimize from the original plans?

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    You need to look at that part and determine if it is even needed for a section that small. In some cases there are two or more inline boards, usually within the base framing, that uses the same part number for two or more different parts that are positioned in line. If those two parts are originally 30″ each and you shrink the section from 60″ to 30″ or under, you basically eliminate one of the parts when it hits zero length, going further into negative territory means you need to examine what can be consolidated…or eliminated altogether.

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