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    Is there somewhere to find out info on how to switch the keg box to the other side of the bar? I believe its called Main Leg on the plan? Is there anything to keep in mind while switching it? When will the chbd be able to use for this project? I am needing to add length to both sides…

    The other hurdle I have is I have 2 basement poles I am hoping to incorporate into the bar. Has anyone ever framed the bar with the poles inside? Thanks!

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    It’s symmetrical, so just lay it out in reverse. Once you get past the base framing, it becomes much easier.

    If you need a reverse screen shot, I can post…see sam2014 post below…


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    The attachment link for the reverse screen shot appears to be dead. Is is that layout still available?

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    I’m in the same boat. I’d like to see the plan reversed and am wondering if the CHBD will become available for this project.

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    I would also love to see the plan reversed. Are these built in sections? Could i just build the foundation of each leg and move the keg/side leg over to the right side?
    And I would love to see any responses to the basement pole conundrum. I will be running into that problem also…

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    Here is the reverse of the base layout…see attachment. Hope that helps a little.

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