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    Hi Everyone,

    First time building a bar and I used the 45 degree plans. Everything done, I just don’t know how to trim the beer gutter and other edges. I have a 3″ bar rail, but I’m not sure how to trim the interior and gutter layer. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Head to lowes or home depot or menards. I know my Menards is far better than my Lowes when it comes to trim selection. Just start browsing. You’ll get an idea of what they make and start seeing where the different styles can fit. Inside corners, outside corners, exposed butt connections etc.

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    The trim “how to” process is not covered in detail simply because of the variations available in the plans, it would be next to impossible to cover the topic properly.

    In a nutshell, you just get out the old tape measure and custom fit your pieces similarly to those shown in either the drawings or from what you see in the builder’s gallery. The style of trim can also vary greatly from store to store, so just shop around for what fits your style and budget.

    This is the phase of construction where you can get creative. B)

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    Would moulding replace the oak trim in the bar back project or go on top of it?

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