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    Ok – I’m building a box and having problems geting to a low temp. The best I’ve been able to do so far is 61 degrees.

    Now, here is my setup.

    I built a box about 6 feet long x 20″ deep and 30″ tall. To compensate for the larger size, I used a 3.9 CF Haier Fridge (with coil back)

    Floor and wall construction 1/2″ plywood, 1.5″ pink foam (and sprayfoam), 1/2″ plywood, FRP.

    There is a fan mounted in front of the freezer to blow cold air and the freezer is frosted.


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    Due to the large size of the keg box you may want to position a second and or third fan at each end and in the center of the box to keep the air circulating. Good luck

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    Same problem getting it to about 45 degrees did the extra fans help at all?

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    Slightly – but still 54 degrees. I added 2 fans plus one on the coils in back.

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    If none of this is working you may check to see if it is the size that is causing the problem. you could try and use a piece of the 1.5″ foam and shorten the kegbox and see if that makes a difference. also you may consider trying to double up the insulation, due to the large size you need the cold to stay inside longer and 1.5″ might not be enough. hope this helps!


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