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    What does everyone think about doing this? Ive noticed a lot of the pictures are people using plywood everywhere and staining. I am going for an Irish pub look and thought using an aged maple wood flooring would look great. Then Ill get stain to match the color and use that on the rest of the bar.


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    That is an excellent idea. However, keep in mind that adding the thickness of your flooring material will raise your bar height a bit. You can either live with it, or mod the cut list by dropping the bar height an inch or so in the CHBD.

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    This might be late now. But I used maple from a gym floor for my bar top and the sides and it is gorgeous. I built the L shaped kegger bar. Using the maple added complexities to the project, but I am a novice with wood working and it turned out just fine. Actually it’s gorgeous. I don’t have the bar rail on yet, but once I do I will update with pics.

    Good luck

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