Walk-Up Kegger Bar?

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    About a year ago I saw a picture on this site (I believe uploaded by bpadmin containing 2 or 3 photos) for a dark-stained walk-up bar that included a hutch. Due to space issues, I’d like to build something like that, but with a kegger base. I really liked the design of that bar. Does anyone recall it or have a link to these pictures?

    By walk-up, I am talking about a bar that goes flat against a wall and therefore only has three finished sides. In my case, the back of the bar cannot be flush with the wall, as I need to have the coils exposed back there.

    When I joined this site, I intended to build an L-Shaped kegger bar, and I first framed in the kegger part of it. Once I placed it in the room, I instantly realized that it would be WAY too big. Masking tape lines really does nothing for determining the enormity of a bar in a smallish basement. I put that 2×4 rough framed kegerator against the wall and there it has sat for a few years (Filled with beer kegs and picnic taps, of course).

    With the knowledge of experience, I am going to remove the guts from the fridge to create a much more ideal interior space for cold kegs, bottles, and glass storage. My design calls for a HVAC condensate pump connected to a drip tray that will go under the freezer plate in the fridge area – condensation seems to be the only problem I currently have.

    Does anyone have any helpful ideas or pictures of similar things?


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