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Unlock your Barplan.com site access


Contribute Your Project Photos and Receive Ongoing Site Access:

get free renewal of locked out accountsBeing that barplan.com site is nearly twenty years old, some members who joined long ago may have been lock out as abandoned. The original terms of service required regular login to keep your account active.
Expired members with existing accounts can get ongoing site access by simply sharing photos with us of what you have previously built. Read the instructions below and fill out the handy file upload form. Qualifying photos (meaning decent, well composed, interesting photos) will earn free renewed site access. Two year limit, which can again be extended with submitted photos of any of your newly completed projects. No account or photos? You can always just signup for a new account.

Renewal Instructions:

  1. Take several photos of your previously completed bar project. Should be 1024×768 or better.
  2. Send the photos to : barphotos @ barplan.com along with a brief description of your project.

Once we receive your photos, we will be able to process your renewal request.


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