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Support 1Use the internal helpdesk ticket system or the public forum area for project questions and answers.
Check out the FAQ page for more answers.

Once payment is completed, you will be instantly logged into the member’s area where you can download the plan sets.
The plans are in PDF format for easy reading and printing.
If you are ever stuck, just click the Download Dashboard link at the top of any page to return to the member home page.

Quick Links:

Common Issues:

1- Not receiving your sign-up email (username/password)

We send you several emails in a row; one when you register and one once your payment is completed.

The very first message you should receive from us is titled: “Barplan Registration Information“.
If you do not see that in your inbox, please check your SPAM folder.

Note: AOL, Yahoo, ATT, Hotmail, Outlook and MSN, and some other email accounts filter legitimate emails as spam. You can remedy this by getting a Free Gmail Account and then notifying us with the Contact Form or helpdesk ticket system so we can update your account email setting. We cannot reply to automatic system messages.

2- I paid, I think…but can’t log in to get the plans

To verify if the transaction is completed,  just check your email inbox and look for a confirmation message from either PayPal or Stripe.
You will also get a second welcome email from us confirming your payment and account activation.
If you do not get any of those messages within a few minutes, just log in to your temporary account (the first email you get has your login info) then click the ADD subscription link and try completing the payment again.

Billing Questions

– please see our billing policy.

3- CHBD login problems

The CHBD resizing tool requires manual login. The login is the exact same username and password that you were assigned upon signing up.
Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive. Be careful if cutting and pasting passwords so you don’t grab an extra ‘space’ character.

4 – Problems opening or printing plans

– All PDF downloads require a special “document password” that is located just below each plan set download link. Be sure you read the “Please Read First” article inside your download dashboard. Be sure your Adobe Reader is up to date. Get the latest version > Get Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.

5 – Printing from a Mobile Device

– To print from your mobile phone you will need the Google Cloud Print App.

6 – Site Contact and Feedback

– Please use the Contact Form to send us your questions or comments.
– The contact form is NOT for site support, please use the internal ticket system for project support questions.

7 – Did my Membership expire?

– It’s possible. If you no longer have access to your sign-up email or you joined before 2010, never updated your profile, or have not logged in the past 4 years, then yes, it is possible your account was marked as abandoned and eventually expired. Under the new terms, all legacy accounts expire after 7 years. If your account is expired, just Renew Your Membership or start a new account under the new terms. Read more on the Site Terms page.

8 – Contribute and get FREE extended site access.

Lifetime site access is no longer offered.
The lifetime plans usage license is still in effect.
For lifetime access to the plans, just download and save your plans and doc passwords.

If you would like to share your photos, video, or testimonials of your past project, we’ll be happy to extend your member area site access.
Click here to > Apply for Extended Site Access.

If your account has expired you can choose to pay the discounted renewal fee of $9.95 for two additional years of site access.

You can also post photos and comment on our social pages below. Do not post support questions on social media. 

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