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If you need any help – please send your question to our Contact Form.

We’ve simplified our support page. You can always check out our FAQ’s page for more answers.

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A few common issues are:

  • Not receiving your sign up email (username / password) – We send you several emails in a row; one when you register and once your complete payment. If you did not receive these emails immediately, then your spam filter has either rejected the messages or more likely it has redirected them to a SPAM folder. To fix, you must log into your email account and look in your SPAM folder. You should also set the domain “” to your trusted sender list. AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook and MSN and some other email accounts filter legitimate emails as spam. You can remedy this by getting a free gmail account then notifying us with the Contact Form so we can update your account email setting.
  • I paid, I think…but can’t log in to get the plans  – If you completed payment, you will be automatically logged into the membership area. If not, you likely jumped out of the payment process or some error occurred preventing the transaction from completing successfully. To verify if the transaction completed,  just check your email inbox and look for a confirmation message from either PayPal or Stripe. You will also get a second welcome email from us confirming your payment and account activation.
    If you do not get any of those messages within a few minutes, just log in to your temporary account (the first email you get has your login info) then click the ADD subscription link and try completing the payment again. Don’t worry if you ever wind up paying twice because we will fix it, guaranteed!
  • Billing questionsMicrolinx Tech LLC is the owner of – see our billing policy
  • C.H.B.D. login problems – The CHBD requires manual login. The login is the exact same username and password that you selected upon sign up. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive.
  • Problems opening or printing plans – If you see garbage characters when opening plans, your Adobe Reader is out of date. Get the latest version of Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.
  • Site Contact and Feedback – use the Contact Form to send us your questions or comments.
  • Did my Membership expire? – It’s possible. If you no longer have access to your sign up email or you don’t have your original receipt email or you joined before 2005 and never updated your profile, then yes, your account is likely expired…unless you followed directions over the years to keep your account up to date. In 2005 we sent out a notice to update your account or risk losing membership. Many responded, many did not and those account are now likely expired. If that is the case, just sign up for a new membership using your new info. Read more about membership requirements on the FAQ’s page.
  • Contribute and earn “Pro” status. While lifetime  membership is no longer offered, you CAN still get it by contributing your completed project photos to the site. If you submit your project photos, video and testimonial and it is used on the site, your account will be set to “no expiration” status. Click here to > Apply for Pro Account status.

See the Builder’s Forum for technical building information and community help topics.
For site usage terms and privacy policy, see the menu at the bottom of any page.

Occasionally you may experience support ticket slow downs, especially around holidays and vacations. For faster results, always check the Builder’s Forum before submitting a ticket.
You can also post photos and comment on our social pages below.

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