Jul 252013

Please, Don’t Drive Drunk:

dont drive drunk

please don’t drive drunk

Yeah, I know, nobody likes someone preaching about not driving drunk, but you should listen to the voice of experience. This little bit of information could save you over ten thousand dollars in fines, time in jail and loss of your vehicle or much worse, your life. I’ve seen it too many times.
Please read on…

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, each year over 30,000 people die on our highways, with a third of those due to drunk driving.

Numbers are improving, and when you entertain at home, you’ll ensure your own safety and possibly that of your family and friends.

No surly bartenders, bar flies or drunks looking for a fight either.

Be cool, be smart – build a home bar and entertain in the safety of your own home. Oh and did I mention that drinking at home can (beside the savings mentioned above)  save you thousands of dollars a year over steadily increasing bar  drink prices?

Please don’t drink and drive – The life you save may be your own (but don’t pickle your liver at home either, OK?). Drink responsibly. Your choice.

Not sure if you are over the legal limit? Check yourself and friends with a personal pocket breathalyzer.

Here’s a flashback disco era public service reminder from Stevie Wonder, circa 1984 – and oldie but a goodie.

Check yourself and friends with a personal pocket breathalyzer.

Barplan.com reminds you to please drink responsibly:
Each year over ten thousand traffic fatalities involve drinking and driving.
The goal of this site is to encourage responsible consumption at home by providing affordable home bar plans.
In the process we hope to save thousands of lives per year, possibly your own!

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