Nov 292012
    custom bar arm rail moldingavailable in four stock wood species in 4, 6, and 8 foot lengths

Using Bar Arm Rail Molding:

If you choose to use oak bar rail, you’ll find it’s not so cheap. As of 2015, it will be right around the $15 to $30 per foot range.
Luckily it is only required for the perimeter of your bar top.  We’ve partnered with a MN based woodworking shop to deliver quality arm rail molding for less and we will offer 4, 6 and 8 foot sections in a variety of species including Red Oak, Hard Maple and Cherry.

5″ Profile Bar Arm Rail Molding

6″ Profile Bar Arm Rail Molding

Choose from oak or cherry wood species or if you really want to save select from ash or poplar material. The ash & poplar can be stained in an oak or darker finish but will not have the strong grain pattern of actual oak. Poplar is best if you want a painted arm rail.

Bar rail is common these days and manufacturing ramped up to soften prices somewhat. It’s still a pricey item. Like bar stools however, hardwood arm rail lasts forever (bar stools will too if you treat them right) and are a worthwhile investment. Just think, once you build you bar, you can start saving money over the local pub prices and that alone will help pay for your bar stools and arm rail molding in no time.

Customers may shop for available arm molding parts at our online Bar store.
For large jobs or quotes, please feel free to contact us.

Feel like doing it yourself? We’ll show you how to make your own Chicago Style Arm Rail in the EMBP-06 project guide.

Made in the USA

Find arm rail molding at Rockler.

Current Bar Rail Molding offers on Amazon:


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