EHBP-06 Hexagon Bar Design

hexagon bar design

Hexagon Bar Design

EHBP-06 Hexagon Cocktail Bar

Designed for modern elegance, this project uses a unique and interesting hexagonal “barbell” shape that creates extra corner seating areas. This configuration allows patrons to converse in a nearly face to face manner.

This is one of our experimental projects and just looks fun to build (like the floating bar project which is way out there). It can also be reduced down to just hexagonal pub tables. Seems to me it could also be broken down into a six seat poker & game table.

The bartender side includes a modular cocktail prep area with lockable beverage storage. Use this design concept to create your own unique project variation.

hexagon bar design

Incredible Hexagon Bar Design

This modern looking Hexgaon Bar is a perfect fit for a contemporary home or for a corporate event. The modular assembly means you can move the bar in separate pieces if needed.

Currently in the Forum stage, this project includes drawings with full dimension to help you build your own modern bar masterpiece.

hexagon cocktail bar

EHBP-06 Hexagon Shaped Cocktail Bar

The hexagon bar is a forum based project and includes individual assembly and cut diagrams.