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Home Bar Posters and Wall Murals: We get a lot of questions on where to find large wall murals for home bars and rec rooms. Recently a print shop owner friend who resides in northern Wisconsin opened a new website for just such a product. Check out Wallzaps.com where you can submit your own artwork and have them enlarge it up to 6 feet. You could also section your artwork in half, then make two six foot halves for a full twelve foot wall mural. Theoretically you could do this all day to come up with a sectioned wall mural limited in size only by your resolution.

For simpler needs and smaller budgets, AllPosters has an amazing collection of popular wall art, bar posters and wall murals perfect for finishing your home bar and rec-room. Once on their site, drill down to find wall murals. Occasionally they have some very cool stuff available, like the Rat Pack wall mural shown above.

You can now order the GIANT Mural Sized Rat Pack Pool Poster on Amazon:


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