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The inspiration for this site came back in the 1970’s from nostalgic bars I saw in friends basements. Raised in the upper Midwest means almost everyone had a home bar and the kids were always trying to break into pop’s barley stash. Eventually we came of age and developed our own rough plans that evolved into fully illustrated drawings. By the late 1990’s the internet was growing and our first PDF based plans were released online on a now retired site. This site was established 2/5/2001.

the office

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The Online Home Bar Construction Bible:

Since then, has evolved into the only community based home bar construction site on the web, offering the best value in both home and commercial bar designs and ideas.  We release new designs on occasion all at no extra charge to active members. At “You Get More Bar Plans for Your Buck”. Our former lifetime membership was retired and we are now an annual subscription based site.

We’re not just a one page wonder bar site. This site is well maintained and includes about 150 publicly accessible pages. Our fully illustrated step by step plans are behind the membership login and according to our customers, they are worth every penny of the site membership price.

If you’d like to see how we help our customers or if you’re already a satisfied customer, please go to our Facebook page and tell us about your project and feel free to share your project photos with the world. There are Sample Bar Photos to see some of the awesome projects always coming from our member’s basements, garages and workshops.

Our Mission:

Providing affordable plans for a home bar may seem like our primary goal, but there’s a lot more. Each year, thousands of people die needlessly on our roads due to drinking and driving. We strive to encourage people to drink safely at home and hopefully save lives.

We continue to improve the membership site and develop new projects. We actively serve our home pub construction community members with an active builders forum and photo gallery featuring thousands of images of completed projects built by members. Our exclusive CHBD online bar sizing tool has expanded with more projects you can customize.

When you join our site, you’ll find you get much more than you expected, which is my personal promise to you. We have had a BBB rating of A+ for over 10 years, but recently ended that program since social networks and business reviews abound.

We humbly consider our site the as “The Home Bar Authority” and we’re dedicated to give you the absolute best deal and the easiest to build projects you will find on the web for twenty bones.

By the way – any time you here “we” it means myself and two others, one part time. “We” are not a big stuffy corporation, just a small digital publishing service. We are also NOT related in any way to those Click Bank “10,000+ woodworking plans” sites.

The site is hosted on powerful web server to deliver fast downloads and reliable access to forums and gallery.

The Easy Home Bar Plans is a registered trademark of Microlinx Technologies LLC.
You can reach us my email using “support @” or you can contact us through the website.

Thanks and Have Fun!

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To see how our site has evolved over the years, see Alexa’s Wayback Machine.

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