Finding a Home Bar Kegerator

If you like beer, then you’ll love having your beer on tap, fresh and cold, any time you like!
Keg Beer prices have risen in the past 10 years…gone are the days of the $40 half barrel (late 70’s) and today a half barrel will run about $90 to $100. Considering that a half barrel contains 160 twelve ounce servings, it’s still a bargain at 56 to 62 cents per 12 oz serving. Compare that to a $2, $3 or even $4 tapper at you local bar!

Buying a Kegerator:

Buying is probably your easiest method of getting a reliable draft beer system. As always, Amazon offers the best source of Kegerators. The following model is the most affordable best seller and ships for free.
[amazon_link asins=’B000HJVYDQ,B00YW3TUHA,B014LGBJVC,B0170NWHDM,B0170O0D82,B002MPLYEW,B00E93Y3KM,B0036UTZL6′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’easyhomebarplans-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=”]

You can detach the tower and mount it close by, but there are a few special things you need to do to assure your beer can be still severed at the proper temperature. This involves PVC pipe and insulation tape. For extreme distances we have been experimenting with thermoelectric coolers near the tap tower. We discuss this more in the member site.

Do It Yourself Kegerator:

Several of our plans include a DIY refrigerated Keg Box that is made with some off the shelf parts. Specific plans that include a keg box are:

Keeping It Cool:

A home bar kegerator has the capacity to cool a half barrel of beer within 24 hours. It’s always best to get your kegs delivered nice and cold to avoid the wait for the beer to chill. There are other alternatives like the Jockey Box which is well suited for hot summer days, but we’ll stick with the kegerator for now.

Expect to pay between $500 and $800 for a decent model. Most vendors include a seasonal discount and/or FREE SHIPPING.

Shop Kegerators at Micro-matic:
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