LED Home Bar Lighting:

Bar back lighting sets the mood for your entire bar area. New LED lighting devices are highly superior to old rope lights and x-mas strings. The long life of LED lights means you will likely never have to tear down your bar back to fix burned out incandescent lights. Here are some cool LED lighting related ideas for your home bar.

led bar back lights

Multicolored LED lighting adjusts for infinite moods.

LED Lighting Advantages:

  • The price of LED lighting devices continues to fall as production improves.
  • LED strip lighting consume very little power so dissipate very little heat – all but eliminating the risk of hot lights catching fire.
  • Properly sized LED power sources stay cool, but should allowed open air flow and be placed away from flammable items.
  • LED strip lights come in very straight rows making them perfect for building a lighted infinity mirror.
  • Stays clear and bright for entire life of the LED element. No fading.
  • Long life and easy maintenance.

The bar back shown at left was built using the EHBP-03 and EHBP-11 combination..

In the photo above using out bar back project, there is a space design into the back that allows you to install lighting. Many members opt to not build that detail of the plan but this member built it as designed and used opaque plexiglass to spread the light over the entire back. It makes for a very cool effect. Bar back lighting is an important detail of your project and illuminating object from the top or rear creates the best effect. Learn more about this project along with fully illustrated construction and assembly when you join the site. Find out more about LED Lighting Kits.

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