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Suggested Tools


Tools Needed to Build Your Home Bar:

What type of tools will you need to build your home bar? Here’s our suggested tools list.
You will likely have many of these tools already, but if not, links are provided to Amazon Marketplace sources.
Most weekend woodworkers will have all of these, if not, it’s time to upgrade.

Suggested Tools to Build our Projects:

  • Safety Glasses – the most important tool on the job!
  • Lightweight work gloves – PPE to avoid splinters
  • Pencil – for marking cuts – any pencil or marker will do though marker is harder to remove.
  • Tape Measure – for measuring boards. 25 foot recommended for easier long measurements.
  • Hammer – used in assembly… ask around, everyone has at least one…right?
  • Hand Saw – Ok, just kidding, power preferred, see below
  • Drill – either corded or cordless. – cordless preferred

or…better yet, my favorite cordless drill.

Optional Tools that will make these projects easier:

  • Circular Saw – Used for making long cuts in plywood or paneling
  • Miter Saw – Used for all framing cuts, trim and bar rail – compound not required, but this model is a great deal. Learn more about miter saws on wikipedia.
  • Jig Saw – Used for “cut out” area of beer gutter and optional plumbing pass-thrus
  • Spade bits for drill – for optional electrical pass-thrus
  • Pocket Hole Jig – for building optional shelving, doors and drawers
  • Air Powered Finish or Brad Nailer – makes trim work a breeze!
  • Small Compressor – needed for air powered nailer above

light duty:

Medium duty:

Fasteners and Adhesives used on all projects

  • Wood Glue – used for trim and bar rail wood joints
  • PL-200 Construction – used for framing – may use regular wood glue above
  • 2.5 ” Deck or drywall screws. – For fastening all framing members.
  • Finish Nails – For fastening trim and sheet panels

That’s about all you will need to complete the core bar project. Of course you will need paint or stain and poly. We have other guides on finishing inside the site. Return to the bar plan set catalog.


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