EHBP-07 L-Shaped Portable Party Bar

Prefect for tailgating or festivals. This project connects two of the EHBP-05 portable mini bar units.

portable l-shaped mini bar

Portable L-Shaped Mini-Bar

Portable L- Shaped Bar Hub

This is the L-shaped variation of the EHBP-05 Portable Bar. It is simply the connector corner hub.
It includes an easy-to-transport corner section that connects two of the folding EHBP-05 models as an entire L-shaped unit.

It’s all designed to be transported, assembled and ready for your next big tailgate or outdoor party. Paint it to match your favorite sports team colors.

The EHBP-07 can also be built for permanent installation. This project uses steps from the EHBP-05 in that you actually build TWO of the 05’s, then connect them with the connector hub that is detailed in this project.

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tailgater bar

EHBP-05 PDF screenshot – Required to build EHBP-07

PDF Plans Preview:

The EHBP-07 project is only for the connector hub that is needed to connect two of the model EHBP-05 bar units.
Each bar breaks down into 5 pieces. At 29″ x 29″ x 42″ The hub is small enough to be moved by one person and will fit in any truck or trailer.

Build it using pre-made bar arm rail molding or the basic hardwood arm rails as shown.

This project is included with membership.

Note: This project only requires the construction of a central hub “connector that is used to connect two of the EHBP-07 projects.


Finishing off the project with bar stools:

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bar height

This bar requires “Bar Height” stools. Click image for models.

Beautiful Variation:

wrap around bar

Combination of EHBP-07 and EHBP-11

This awesome combination layout built by member Nick R. uses the EHBP-11 Bar Back and what looks like a modified EHBP-07 (using aspects of EHBP-09).
Either way, it turned out great and you can do the same!

Notice the use of Chicago Arm Rail molding and crown molding around the bar back.
The use of the same color overall really ties it together as a combo project and is better than anything you’ll ever find in a store.

A beautiful bar like this will see generations of useful service on every birthday and holiday. Start building your dream bar today!


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l-shaped portable bar

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