EMBP-06 DIY Cove Cut Arm Rail

diy cove cut arm rail

DIY Cove Cut Arm Rail

Cove Cut Arm Rail Guide:

Building the bar itself is not overly difficult, but when it comes to the arm rail, your options are either inexpensive straight framing board style like that shown in our earlier plans, or paying handsomely for pre-made Chicago style hardwood arm rail. (See more about Bar Arm Rail Molding)

The EMBP-06 Cove Cut Arm Rail Guide shows you how to make this type of rail. It can then be used on any of our existing plans.

Features a simple process contained in a detailed 15 page PDF guide showing you how to make your own arm rail molding using a 10″ table saw.

Our DIY Arm Rail looks as good as the prefab rail at a fraction of the cost.

cove cut guide

Do It Yourself Cove Cut Bar Arm Rail

cove cut bar arm rail sample

Cove Cut Arm Rail Sample using Inexpensive Pine Boards.

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