Juke Box Cabinet Plans

Play music using an “Old Fashioned” digital jukebox twist.

jukebox cabinet plans

Juke Box System Cabinet

Jukebox Cabinet Plans:

Your bar room wouldn’t be complete without a cool jukebox. Modern music hardware is great but with it’s tangle of wires, speakers, subs and power adapters, it’s not always pretty. Pack everything into this cabinet and get the clean, open fabric front that allows all sound to pass through clearly without seeing the mess.

You can pull up a bar stool and set your drink down while you cue up songs from your entire music collection or online services like Pandora.

This jukebox cabinet also matches the general design of our home bars.

Cabinet houses all your sound amplification and computer equipment. Front is covered with a breathable speaker cloth to conceal equipment, allowing air circulation. Since home bars can be dimly lit, adding a lighted key board, a trackball or a touchscreen monitor will really enhance the jukebox experience.

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juke box cabinet

PC juke box plans

The jukebox plan shows you how to build a great looking PC cabinet that mildly resembles (in it’s outline) a 70’s era jukebox. You can use a touch screen and Juke Box software to make it just like the new all digital jukeboxes at the local bar or nightclub. Check out our recommended jukebox software list below.




Recommended Jukebox Programs

For many years we have recommend Juke Box Jockey software for getting the best look and feel of a digital music station. They even recommend our jukebox cabinet plans! Sadly, JJ no longer sell to US customers. However, times change fast and in 2018 there are many other options.

  1. E-jukebox for Windows
  2. Jukebox Jockey
  3. Jukeblaster
  4. Media Monkey
  5. TouchJams Jukebox
  6. ZenPoint Digital Center

Jukebox software not included with site access membership.

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