Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I get the plans on a mobile device?

Yes…if you like. All plans are in PDF format. Works on any Android or iOS mobile device or desktop PC/Mac. All you need is the popular Adobe Reader or iBooks for iOS/Mac all available from your respective App Stores.

Tablets view nicely but you may want to tilt your smart phone sideways for better viewing. I’m old school, so I prefer a 32″ HD monitor…I personally can’t read through a straw. Printing is the best as plans are formatted for 8 1/2″ x 11″.

Files can also be downloaded and sent to any printer for 8×10 printing. Printing will produce the individual project booklets of the plans. No need to print them all, only what you need. You could send them to Kinko’s, but they need the document password to open and print a hard copy. You can tell them the password, but only as long as you are printing copies for your own personal use. While the PDF files are viewable on a mobile device, a desktop with a widescreen LCD monitor or dual display is always better, but not required. Order Plans Access Here.

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Can I get the raw CAD files?

Unfortunately we cannot distribute the raw CAD files for our designs. These are our exclusive property. You may only download the plans sets for personal use. No distribution rights are included with membership. Re-distribution is prohibited.

Do you have a refund policy?

Similar to video or game content, once you join then access the site, no refunds can be issued. All IP addresses and download actions are logged.

The reason for this policy is quite obvious. A very small number of people have tried to “download and ditch” by signing up, then quickly downloading plans to their local drive then making some generic claim like, “not as described” or “not what they were looking for”. In 16+ years of being online, I’ve seen some interesting claims.

Fortunately 99.99% of our customers are honest people who have enjoyed using the plans. Thanks for your integrity.

If you have a problem, contact us and we’ll help you.

Look through the site thoroughly before you decide to order plans access. If you do not agree with this common sense policy, please feel free to use another site. Cheers!

Do You Send The Plans by Postal Mail?

No, the plans are only available for instant download only from the online membership site.
Plans are printable in PDF format from your browser to your printer.

How can I recover an expired account?

If you joined prior to 2005, your account no longer exists. Those accounts were associated with the barplans.info site that ended in 2005.

Any accounts over 7 years old with no record of recent login activity are in an abandoned / locked state for security.

The original terms (and periodic emails) required you to login at least once every 4 years (which was extended to once every 7 years) and retain a copy of your sales receipt. As long as you log in periodically and have that receipt we can unlock your account and set it to a ten year lifetime and make it eligible for the discount two year renewal under the new terms. Renewal is $9.95 for two more years site access and support.

Establish a new account:

If your account no longer exists, you will need to start a new signup. You must opt back into the system by doing the initial signup yourself.
Those who submitted photos that are being displayed on the current site are eligible for ongoing membership at no additional cost. See below.

Pro Account option:

We love user photo and testimonial contributions. If you have ever submitted photos or video to the gallery, sent them to barphotos@barplan.com or sent us a testimonial, you are eligible for a FREE Pro account upgrade. This will remove any expiration date from your account.  Please use the Pro Account Form to notify us of where you placed or sent your photos. If they are being used on the site, tell us where and you are good to go. If you would like to ADD new photos of what you created, please use the aforementioned form or send them to barphotos@barplan.com and we will upgrade your account. Send as many photos as you like. A short (or long) description of your project is also appreciated.

Easy Reinstatement:

Of course, if you want to skip all that and just signup again, you can do that and save the back and forth hassle.

Thanks & Have Fun!

How Do I Download the Plans?

Find the Plan Download Page

The membership site content (the plans sets) is contained in you own Download Dashboard. There is a link to the Download Dashboard at the top on any page on the site.

The first thing you down from your Download Dashboard is to read the Please Read First Article.

Inside the Download Dashboard you will find a link to the Plan Downloads.

Opening the Plans

Each Plans Set requires a special Document Password to open. The Document Passwords are located directly below the plans set download link on the Plan Downloads page.

We cannot send plans by email.

How Long is Membership?

Site membership is for two years. You can enjoy lifetime access to the plans as long as you downloaded the plans to your local PC and print off the document passwords. You can also get ongoing site access simply by submitting photos of your project or a testimonial.

Membership can be extended beyond two years by submitting photos, video or testimonial of your completed project. Use the renewal form to submit photos. Each submission extends membership by two years. One submission allowed every two years.

You can also just repurchase at any time to establish a new account. It’s usually years later and in most cases the site has more plans than when you first joined.


How Many Different Designs are Included?

All of Them! <-View the current catalog of available home bar projects that are included.
Plans are in 3D .PDF printable format and include material and cuts list plus our easy to follow 3D Assembly Diagrams.

How Much Do Building Materials Cost?

How Much Do the Required Building Materials Cost?

Prices vary between $150 for the straight versions and $250 for the easy L-shaped version, but you can spend as much as you like if you upgrade to high-quality stock. Prices will vary from state to state and if you upgrade to oak or better stock. Expensive brass railings or custom laminated parts are completely optional.

NOTICE: Due to COVID-19 and supply chain issues, costs may be considerably higher in 2020 and beyond.

Designs utilize common sizes of dimensional lumber. Inexpensive and widely available, this includes common lumber like 2×4’s, 2×6, 2×8, and common sheeting materials. If you are curious you can learn more about lumber sizes here.

Our entire home bar building concept is centered on endeavoring to build a bar on a budget.

However, we have many examples of where builders spent thousands of dollars on expensive etched glass bar back mirrors, HDTV systems, tapper equipment, signage, lighting, and every conceivable audio and video gadget imaginable. Boys gotta have their toys….girls too.

How to get Help!

The Barplan.com site is well supported to help you navigate the site, login, update your profile, download plans and even help with construction questions. We actively support the site through our public support page and private builder’s forum.  (both links open in a new browser window)

The private forum also includes Q&A, feedback and help from fellow members, which benefits all.


Is Any Special Software Required?

No. Only a standard web browser with Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Flash Player Plug-in.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+, Fire Fox or Safari (MAC) browsers recommended.
The FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader – is required.
The FREE Macromedia Flash Player – is required for movies.
You will be prompted if they are not installed.
MS Internet Explorer version 6+ is required for CHBD resizing tool.

Is Ordering & Logging Into This Site Secure?

Absolutely. All form data from this domain is secure.
Always check for https:// in the browser address box and look for the padlock icon in your browser. Your safety & privacy are our #1 concern.
All transactions that require your card information are done on either the secure Stripe.com or PayPal servers.
Our site uses SSL technology for login, signup and order forms to ensure security. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

What Happens After I Complete My Payment?

You will be automatically logged into your account. Your username and password was sent to you the instant you filled out the registration form.
A copy of the username and password will immediately be sent to the email address you provide. Everything is automatic, even at 3:00 am. If you did not received it, check your SPAM folder.

What Tools are Required?

Just the basics :

  • A Hammer
  • Cordless or regular corded drill
  • Circular Saw and/or, Power Miter Saw required for 45 degree cuts and Chicago style arm rail.
  • tape measure
  • square
  • pencil.

No fancy dado, rabbet or dovetail cuts required.

You are using my photos, but I can’t log in.

All abandoned accounts will eventually expire after 7 years max and you may find yourself locked out or up for renewal. However, if you have sent us photos and they are being used on the site pages or in videos or image galleries then you are eligible for an endless (no expiration) account. Use the Pro Account form to upload new photos or describe exactly where your photo is being used and I’ll take special care of your account and tag it as a contributor.

Many thanks to all those who have sent in photos!

* NOTICE – Purchase of The Easy Home Bar Plans does not include re-sale rights.

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