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Terms of Service

While not a fan of detailed terms, some stuff just needs to be pointed out. This site is all about fun…but here are the boring legal details and long winded disclosures. Thanks & Have fun!

User Agreement:

This is a membership based site. Membership is required to get full access to the PDF plan set downloads and other site resources. Join here.

Membership includes one full access, single user subscription to the product (s) you have selected from the Easy Home Bar Plans private membership site. You are not purchasing the distribution rights to intellectual property contained herein.

These are web-based project plans, instantly view-able and printable from your computer.
Plans are in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format – the free viewer is available on the site.

Access Key provides instant access to the plans download and resource site plus site support for the duration of the subscription period.
The plans are NOT sent by postal mail. That would cost a fortune.


Membership length is two years with optional discount two year extension. You can download and print the plans and save as a hard-copy. You then simply record the document password on the cover of the plan set. Once you do this, you have access to your plans forever.


Lifetime  – refers to the plans usage license, not site access. Legacy accounts have 7 year site access lifetime.
Unlimited  – refers to the ability to access ALL plans on the site, not an unlimited time frame of site access.
Instant Access – this refers to the instant delivery by digital download nature of the plans. We do NOT send plans by postal mail.
Access Key – refers to the username and password  sent to you upon signup.  Passwords can be changed in your profile.
Document Password – refers to the password listed below each plan set download link. This password opens the PDF file.
CHBD Login – this is the exact same username and password and your main login credentials. CHBD requires manual login.

Please refer to the FAQ Page for more definitions and answers.

Subscription Duration:

Since 2015, all memberships are for two years of full site access and support. Once membership expires, a discounted anytime renewal for two additional years becomes available. You may continue to renew for as long as you like. You can even skip a few years and as long as your account email still exists. Renewal is totally optional and NOT automatic.  Sending us photos of your completed project gives you free extended site access.


All legacy accounts with no login activity after 4 years are marked as abandoned and locked. Additionally, if your email bounced as non deliverable, the account is marked as abandoned. If you opted out of periodic email messages, your account subscription was instantly ended at your request. Abandoned accounts are eligible for a maximum 7 year lifetime from the original signup date. Since the new terms went into effect in 2015, all prior accounts with no activity age out after 7 years. No accounts exist prior to 2005 as that was run by a different entity as barplans.info which no longer exists. Extended site access available to site contributors.


You are only charged once for the Easy Home Bar Plans Membership.
There are no additional automatic charges once you join. Once your subscription expires, it can be optionally renewed. Renewal is NOT automatic and requires your approval.

PayPal payment will be made to Microlinx Technologies LLC. outlet: Barplan.com.
Stripe.com receipt will show payment to Barplan.com.

Always be sure to print or save your receipt for your records as it may be required if you ever forget your access info or change your e-mail address. Only your IP address and time of purchase is logged. We do not store any credit card information on our servers.

If your account becomes disabled or abandoned, your possession of the original receipt will reinstate the account. See reinstatement below.

Mail Orders:

Mail orders are no longer accepted.

PayPal eCheck Payments:

Any eCheck payments made through PayPal may require the funds to clear the PayPal system before your account is activated. This could take up to 4 business days. Once the eCheck clears, PayPal sends us the IPN code and the account is automatically activated. All other payment types are instantly activated.

Non-receipt of Access Info:

Membership information ( access username and password) is sent by email immediately after completion of payment.
If you do not receive your membership information, chances are that your spam filter has moved the message to a spam folder or box. Barplan.com is not responsible for the action of spam filters or the inability to operate local email systems. We are also not responsible for the action of corporate email filters, firewalls or virus scanners or lack thereof. All information on barplan.com is guaranteed virus free and safe for download.
If you have not received your login information within an hour, please use the contact form to request assistance. Upon login to membership site, all transactions are considered final. See the Support Page for more information on email issues.


It is understood that you may want to show off your bar project for the rest of the world to see. That’s fine and encouraged for completed bar photos. However, if you decided to share photos of the framing details or plan set details and do not include a credit mention or link back to barplan.com, your account may be terminated for breach of confidentiality. Any re-posting of the plan documents in whole or part violates confidentiality and will result in account termination and possible legal action.


As of May 2015 all legacy accounts will begin to age out to the current subscription level. If your account has expired, just renew or contact us with your original sales receipt. Once verified, your account will be unlocked and eligible for discount renewal of $9.95 for two more years site access.

Contributor Expiration Exception:

If you sent us awesome photos or video of your project and it was selected to be displayed on any of the barplan.com site pages (even the gallery), then you are eligible for a two year site access extension. Once that expires, you can repeat the process forever by sending new project photos. If you contributed photos, please Pro Account Form  if you can’t access your account and I’ll personally take good care of you.

Affiliate Program:

Our affiliate program is no longer active. Please remove all affiliate links from your site.


Once the plans site is accessed, the seal is considered broken and no refunds can be issued. All IP addresses are logged and traceable. We review all claims. Simply making a generic or false claim is not acceptable. Why? Because it is too easy to simply purchase, quickly download the plans then demand a refund. If you’ve got a gripe, make it good and truthful. To help you resolve any issues, contact us first.

Ala-Cart Plan Set Ordering

This site does not offer individual plan set or hard copy ordering. However, we are building a new site to handle ala cart orders and hard copies.
The new site will be at  www.diybars.com – hopefully ready mid 2017.

Disclaimer/Legal Statement:

Regarding all services of Barplan.com  & Microlinx Technologies, www.microlinx.com (hereto referred to collectively as Microlinx) it’s advertisers, or it’s followers offer no warranty, either expressed or implied, regarding the safety, condition, or nature of it’s ads or wares.
All access to this server and/or use of information found herein or pertaining to this server is made at your own risk and is solely your own responsibility. Microlinx services may be used only for lawful purposes. Any activity which violates U.S. Federal or State Laws is prohibited.
This includes posting material that is threatening, legally obscene, libelous or violates trade secret, patent, trademark or copyright protections. Material submitted or contributed to the website becomes the property of Microlinx Technologies LLC. Photographs sent to Barplan.com  can not be returned unless proper return postage is provided.
You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Microlinx and its’ owners from all claims which arise from your usage under this agreement without limitation. You further agree that any material provided by you on Microlinx servers is legal to distribute to users of all ages within the United States.


Barplan.com and/or Microlinx Technologies LLC are not responsible for any injuries resulting from improper use of tools and/or any accidental injuries received while building this project or while using the end product.

Trademark, Copyright & Intellectual Property:

Please click here to view our complete copyright statement.
“The Easy Home Bar Plan®” is a registered trademark, serial# 78215635, registration # 2890571 of Microlinx Technologies LLC. & Barplan.com. All pages and their contents are protected by copyright 1996-2015 Microlinx Technologies LLC. Redistribution in any form without consent is prohibited. Violation of this copyright can result in fines up to $250,000.

This site owned and operated by:
Microlinx Technologies LLC
P.O. Box 302
Wrightstown, Wisconsin 54180
for more help information, please see our suppoort page

Commercial re-use of intellectual property without the permission of Barplan.com is prohibited. This site and it’s contents are for personal use only. Any duplication of any content of the Easy Home Bar Plan site in whole or part for commercial use, personal profit or otherwise violates our copyright and is prohibited. Saving or storing plans to openly accessible private, social, public or educational networks is strictly prohibited. Re-engineering any part of these plans and/or reselling in an altered manner for commercial profit or otherwise violates the site copyright and is prohibited. Accounts may be terminated without notice, with cause and at our discretion.

Please, always wear protective equipment and exercise care.
Please, always drink responsibly.


Use of Microlinx Technologies LLC services in any form and purchase of services shall constitute full acceptance of these terms and conditions. All above terms are subject to change without notice. Thanks & Have Fun!

The Easy Home Bar Plans barplan.com website is owned and operated by Microlinx Technologies LLC, Wrightstown, WI, USA.


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