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What does membership include?


Over 300 pages of printable home bar plans and more...

A single site membership payment gives you full download access to ALL our home bar designs. Membership includes two full years of download access and support. Extended access renewal is not automatic and totally optional at any time in the future. This bundled plans package offer is for a limited time.

To save an extra $5 and get full access for only $19.95, enter coupon code : 5OFF2018 at signup.

Fully Illustrated home bar construction plans:

home bar construction plans

12 projects - over 300 pages

Our easy step-by-step assembly process makes building these projects a snap.  Most projects can be roughed out in a day. Take your time or bust it out for an upcoming party.

Membership includes full access over a dozen plans.  Plans include easy to understand 3D drawings and simple step-by-step instructions.

Full material shopping list with sources and parts cut lists are also included. Print off only the plan set you need.
Online support to help you with any issues you might encounter.

Do-it-yourself and save! Your friends and family will be impressed with the beautiful results.

Download & Print Instantly:


PDF format

The plans are delivered in Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader format. The Portable Document Format (PDF) files are widely accepted for their ability to display information the same on all systems, PC or Mac, even iPads & other mobile devices. Plans are located in the membership area of our home bar website. Check out Screen Shots of individual PDF plan sets.

Simply join the site, then login and download the desired set to your local PC or Tablet. Review it on the screen, then print the plans you want to build on your printer. Plans fit standard 8.5" x 11" copy paper. Sorted by project so you can print off only what you need.

Plan sets are individual and easy to digest. Projects are sorted into individual plan sets, not one huge hard to search PDF file.

Thousands of Home Bar Photos:

builders gallery sample

see what others have built

See what other members have built-in the Bar of The Month area. See detailed photos of projects from start to finish.
If a picture says a thousands words, then our gallery speaks volumes with great design modification ideas and unique themes dreamed up by thousands of our members. Check out Screen Shots of individual PDF plan sets.

Save time just by seeing what others have already accomplished.

Show off your handiwork!

Our Pro Account option rewards you for uploading your completed project home bar photos, videos or comments.

Custom Bar Resizing:


l-shaped wet bar features

EHBP-04 home bar project features

Included with membership is our Custom Home Bar Design Tool (CHBD 4.0) to help you resize select plans for your exact space. While our standard bar dimensions will fit most spaces, you can use the CHBD to either lengthen or shorten straight bars or leg sections of L-shaped and angled projects to your needs. This tool allows you to add or subtract from the length, width or height of the overall bar then instantly calculates all the changes to related parts. It's not required, but can be helpful if needed, since manual resizing can be a chore. Read more...


Our plans eliminate the need of a contractor and the designs use inexpensive, commonly available building materials. Base projects can be built for under a two or three hundred dollars. If you decide to use exotic materials, of course you cost would increase. Plenty of space for optional lockable liquor cabinets and drawers. Learn how a home bar can save you thousands of dollars per year.

No Fancy Tools:

Projects are designed using our easy to build framing style. Requires no fancy tools or joinery techniques. No rabbet, dado or dovetail joints.
Check out the Recommended Tools page.

Save Time: 

By purchasing plans, you significantly shorten your design time and avoid many costly mistakes. Our core designs make a great foundation for any modifications.

charlie weaver

Charlie Weaver Approved

Save Money:

See our Beer Facts page to learn more about beer consumption rates and money savings.


Woodworking is a great way to connect with your spirituality. Carpentry teaches you patience and skill. Your friends and family will be impressed with the new bar you build. A rewarding project because you'll be able to get drunk as hell at home without the possible $10,000 to $20,000 DUI consequences. Listen to Charlie over there, he knows. Drinking at home is smart.

Membership and Project Support:

Membership includes two full years of download access and site support. Sends us your completed home bar project photos or video and get a complimentary upgrade to our Pro account with no access expiration.

Avoid the "Easy Home Bar Plans" imitations

Just a word of warning: Recently, desperate bar plans wannabe site owner Tom Kiszka at "precision-images dot com" started using our exact name of "Easy Home Bar Plans" which is a USPTO registered service mark. He does this as an attempt to ride our wake. His designs are poorly proportioned, unattractive and far from any concept of a true home bar. Even his most basic plans  require a shop full of expansive tools to build.  Even his so called "Easy" designs require dado and rabbet cuts that are beyond the scope of any novice woodworker. Pretty low Tom.

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