Beer Facts – Consumption and Serving Tips

beer is good for you!

Yes – Beer is indeed good for you and can be a part of a healthy diet!

One 12 oz serving has zero fat, is cholesterol free and contains low carbs, typically only 5 grams @ 5 percent alcohol.

Beer also contains 92 mg of potassium, 48 mg of phosphorous and 14mg of calcium, all essential minerals.

Beer is also a source of soluble fiber. Two glasses provide 10% of your daily fiber requirement.

Beer also contains antioxidants and studies find that moderate alcohol consumption can ward off serious ailments like diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis and even cancer.

Believe it or not, beer can also help reduce weight gain. Drink more beer!

Planning a big party and don’t know much about tap (keg) beer?
How much beer is in a keg or half barrel of beer? Here’s the skinny on serving beer…

Beer serving tips:

How much beer is in a case of beer?
24 – 12oz. cans or 2.25 gallons (288 oz.).

How much beer is in a half barrel?
15 gallons or 1920 oz.
Of course a 1/4 barrel is half of that or 7.5 gallons.

How many 12 oz. cans of beer in a half barrel?
About 160 cans. – That’s just about 6 & 2/3 cases of beer.

How much beer to serve per hour per person?
That depends on the type of party, but figure 3 beers per hour per person (6 per hour for a frat party).
Remember to always drink responsibly.

Beer Facts 1

How many people can drink from a half barrel?
The rule of thumb is 30 to 50 people for every four hours of party time.

How do you keep tap (keg) beer fresh?
always keep cool and pressurized with CO2 gas.
Air pressurization will eventually make your beer flat tasting.

What gas pressure should be applied to tap beer?
between 7 and 10 psi.

What’s the best temperature to serve beer?
That depends on the type of beer and where you live…
Most US lager beers are best served cold, at about 38-40F but I personally prefer my beer ICE COLD which would be 36-38F.
Anything below 32F will just give you foamy slush.

For home & craft brews:

  • – Fruit beers: serve at 40-50° F.
  • – Wheat beers & pale lagers: Serve at 45-50° F.
  • – Pale ales & dark or amber lagers: Serve at 50-55° F.
  • – UK strong ales, barley wines and Belgian ales: Serve at 50-55° F.
  • – German Dark ales, porters & stouts: Serve at 55-60° F.

How much does a half barrel of beer weigh?
All helluva lot! Between 155-165 lbs.
Of course a 1/4 barrel is easier to handle at about 75 to 80lbs.

See the Keg Parts Page for building your own home tapper.

The Cost of Beer:
Check out this online cost of beer calculator that reveals the incredible markup on your favorite beverage.

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