Bar Parts

Bar Parts

Now that you have the plans to build your home bar, your going to need some accessories to finish off your bar for the perfect look, we recommend the following bar parts for Arm Rail Molding, Brass Rail, Wine Racks and other bar gear.

Bar Arm Rail Moldingsbar arm rail molding — Here are traditional Chicago style arm rest moldings for the front of your bar. Choose from oak and cherry in two lengths.

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Brass Foot Rail Fittings — brackets, corner joint fittings, connectors.

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wine lattice grilleCustom Hand Woven Brass Grille — Use this hand woven grille made to your specifications for a truly elegant look. Wooden shutters are also a popular addition to home bar projects.

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wine rack moldingWine Glass MoldingStemware Holder Use molding racks or stemware to organize your cupboard or wet bar. Glass racks, bottle steps and glass shelving adds visual appeal and functionality to your bar.

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wall mount bottle openerWall-mounted Bottle Openers — Traditional bottle openers for your bar. Browse these selections and choose from generic or branded Coca-Cola® or Budweiser® styles. Every functional home bar MUST have a wall mount bottle opener.

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wine latticeWine Lattice – The easy way to build your very own vintage wine rack! Incorporate these wine rack lattice materials into your bar back or a side wall for your own home bar wine cellar.

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Your bar project won’t be complete without a decent set of bar stools. Investigate this link for our best recommendations on where to and where NOT to buy. Includes affordable yet high quality oak, cherry and metal swivel bar stool models.

Bar Posters & Artwork
thousands of popular posters to decorate your basement pub, rec room or home theater. Includes bar related posters and wall murals.

Draft Beer Tapping Equipment
Recommended for use with our Keg Box plans or to modify an existing fridge. Portable models too…

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keg box parts

Browse all keg box parts

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