EMBP-03 DIY Keg Box Guide

Learn how to build a DIY Keg Box & Beer Tap System. This do-it-yourself beer kegerator concept will show you how to take a few common items and an affordable beer tapper tower kit to build your own keg box. The EMBP-03 guide is applicable to the follow projects:

The entire project will cost less than a store bought Kegerator. It’s fully integrated into your home bar and serviceable.

draft-beer-keg-boxWith some basic principles and a review of the law of thermodynamics you can learn what it takes to build any type of refrigerated Kegerator system. Our members have modified the plans to build “wall mount” tappers where the equipment is kept in a back room behind the bar or remote multiple keg units, which again, can use the pass through of the wall to house the bulky equipment and kegs in a back utility room.

Save Money:

If you buy cases of beer, you are probably spending about $20.00 per case. A standard half barrel of beer contains just under 7 case of beer.

So 7 case of beer will cost you about $140. One half barrel of beer will cost around $90 to $100. That’s already a savings of  $40 to $50.
This is particularly handy for large gatherings or parties where the beer will be served in a single event. If you like tap beer and you want to save money, this project can pay for itself in just a few cycles of use. The CO2 system keeps beer fresh for weeks. See our beer facts and cost of beer articles for more detailed information.

Custom Beer Tap System:

Use a combination of the L-shaped Project or the Kegger Bar Project to create an L-shaped Bar with the Keg Box Tapper system. The new EHBP-04 now combines both project into an L-shaped Kegerator wet bar.  It’s Easy to combine features of each plan set into you own custom home bar creation! Draft Beer Parts are readily available online.

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See Complete Project Photos below for more ideas.


The keg box design can be easily modified to hold one, two full half barrels of beer or several quarter, pony or corny kegs for a variety of flavors. You can also use and extra space in the keg box to hold cases of beer, wine or soda.

easy kegerator bar

EHBP-03 Keg Box Bar

Our do-it-yourself Kegerator Bar Plan sets are included with membership.

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