Home Sports Bar Plans and Theme Ideas

Fall is in the air and with that comes the start of the regular NFL football season. If you’re a season ticket holder or fortunate enough to know somebody with game day tickets, you might get a game or two in per year.

Spending a Small Fortune to Watch a Football Game?

Being at the stadium is a great experience, but it can be a pricey day. The average ticket price for Green Bay Packers regular season NFL tickets for 2017 is currently at $200. Add $20 for parking and $8.00 each for the new 16oz aluminum bottles and you’ll need a small fortune to enjoy a game. There’s also the cost of carrying in tailgating stuff; brats, steak, booze, beer etc. UPDATE: As of 2/2/2018, SuperBowl LII average ticket price is a whopping $5,700! You could hire a contractor and have then build a super home bar for that price.

San Francisco 49ers sports bar

49er’s Sports Bar

So, for around $250 (if you’re frugal), you can go to spend a day at the stadium and have memories that will last for years. What about the rest of the season? That’s where a home sports bar comes in handy.

The matchup: NFL vs. Home Sports Bar

The NFL’s “fan experience” vs. the “home viewing experience” that features 60+ inch high definition TV’s, no lines at the food concession, 70 cent beers and most importantly, your own private bathroom. Plus, a nice warm bar stool or a cozy recliner beats an open-air metal seat in -30 degree temperatures all day. There’s also no traffic, no beer gets spilled on you and a much better view of the action complete with close-ups and replays. The Home Viewing Experience is the clear winner.

It seems crazy to buy 4 tickets for $200 each plus parking plus beverages, etc when you can invest that cash into a sweet HDTV and get a much better game viewing experience.  Need to find a good deal on an 70 inch class HDTV? Check out these popular 70 inch TV models

Save Money Watching the Big Game at Home

Chicago cubs sports bar

Chicago Cubs Wet Bar

It’s no secret, watching the game at your home bar is much more affordable than a day at the stadium. We’re here to help you get started. Our bar designs cost less than game day parking alone, but will save you thousands in the end.

Sports Bar Theme Ideas:

Need a little inspiration? How about this awesome Chicago Cubs Sports Bar theme, complete with a tiled team logo on the lower counter top and a back splash that features the famous Wrigley Field Ivy covered outfield wall. The link will take you to a detail page for this project complete with video tour of the building process.

round corner green bay packers sports bar

Packer theme, round corner bar

Cheesehead Bar

Cheeseheads will cheer about this Green Bay Packers Themed Bar that includes a rounded corner lightbox to showcase sports memorabilia. Not too surprisingly, it was also built by a creative Minnesota based Packer fan member!

Our gallery and bar styles area include many cool sports bar themes featuring other teams and sports. Check out the samples below for free inspiration and ideas for your unique home bar. You can also read more in our best game day bar post.

Tailgating Sports Bar

You can also bring your bar to the stadium for tailgating fun. Check out our EHBP-05 portable bar design that disassembles flat for easy transport. The EHBP-07 is an L-shaped portable tailgate bar that uses the EHBP-05 construction with an added portable corner hub.

Take a look at some photos of completed sports bar and tailgate bar projects below, all built by site members using our plan sets as a guide.


Home Sports Bar Projects built by site members…