Packer Fan Bar

Face it football fanatics, no team in the league is more loved and storied than the Green Bay Packers. The fans love to party and smack talk with their rabid rivals. Nevertheless, Packer fans love their rivals too, that’s just how we roll. So, when we find a Packer fan in Minnesota who built a shrine to his favorite team, we cheer to see that team is the Pack, not that team who takes in all the Packer leftovers. 😉

round corner bar

round corner packer fan bar

But enough about the Packer’s and rivalries, for your own home sports bar you can swap out the team memorabilia for any NFL, NBA, MLB or college team and the bar will be equally cool.

This project follows the general core design or the EHBP-02 and EHBP-04 models, both L-shaped.

The corner “round” or “radius” arm rail molding was special ordered (for $400) so that’s an expensive option that is worth the price in looks.

The LED lights can be programmed to cycle colors or set for your favorite team. Bar stools, decor and choice of beverages is your option.

As with all our projects, it is easy to substitute materials to bring the cost in line with your construction budget,

Our plans can get you started building a fantastic home sports bar that everyone will love, even Bears fans!

Here’s another Green and Gold Packer Bar as well as some more home sports bar pics below featuring projects built by our members.

See our project catalog to start building the core of your project using our Home Sports Bar plans.

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