EHBP-09 45 Degree Angled Corner Wet Bar

45 degree corner wet bar

EHBP-09 45 Degree Corner “Monster” Bar

The EHBP-09  L-shaped wet bar with 45 degree corner section is hands down our most popular project. We have many long time members who come back years later to build a second, third or fourth bar in a new home and this is their most popular choice. Scroll to the bottom of this page for some great member built examples.

The Monster Bar!
Based on a very sturdy core framework that would likely hold an elephant, this bar is solid and yet very easy to build. It’s intentional “girth” adds to it’s weight and this bar isn’t going anywhere without a fight. Instructions include all framing details, suggested materials and cut list.

This model is similar to the EHBP-04 L-shaped bar but with a 45 degree corner. The EHBP-09 is nominally resizable using the CHBD resizing tool. Watch an EHBP-09 being built start to finish.

This is a large bar and similar to what a contractor might ask thousands to build. You can do it yourself and be proud of the results while saving a ton of cash. Of course choice of materials is going to dictate costs, but once you browse the builder’s gallery and see all the great bars built based on this design, you won’t care about cost.  Suitable for home or commercial use. Instant Plans Access – Get Started Today!

EHBP-09 45 degree pub design

Ehbp-09 45 Degree Bar Plans Preview

Plan Number: EHBP-09
Standard 45° Corner Bar
Skill Level:
Novice to intermediate
Length: 96+” / 96+”
symmetrical framing for either left or right handed layout.
Estimated material cost:
Doc Size:
35 pages
Printable Adobe PDF

This project includes all instructions and material list that is included as a separate download. CHBD access in not required.

As with all estimates, this is the low end. You can substitute materials and spend as little or as much as you can afford.

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adobe PDF formatPDF format plans can be sent to any printer.
Requires the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

chbd-readyThe 45 degree corner bar is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Area behind the bar is available for custom shelves or bar equipment. Build it standard size or optional resizing is available for this model.

This full cocktail bar features Chicago style arm rail molding, and a DIY Keg Box built right into the framework.
Add your choice of draft beer tower and tap head to complete the system.
The biggest advantage of making a do it yourself style kegerator is the ability to store multiple kegs for your favorite flavors.
(Note: The video actually shows TWO nearly identical EHBP-09 project builds…one Tile Top and The Wrigley Field / Cubs Theme Bar)

double 45 bar layout

Double 45 Bar Layout

Finishing off the project with bar stools:
No home bar is complete without a nice set of bar stools. We’ve followed the online bar stool retailers for over 15 years. Wayfair and their Barstools Direct warehouse still offer the best deal in quality bar seating. Shop for Bar Stools

bar height

This bar requires “Bar Height” stools. Click image to shop for models.

Awesome home bars (model EHBP-09) built by our members.


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