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golden ratio

the golden ratio

In mathematics, two quantities are said to be in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities. The figure on the left illustrates this geometric relationship. This holds true in nature with everything from sea shells to coast lines and mountain ranges to the spiral patterns in galaxies even the human form. The golden ration is the basis for all designs in nature and the universe at large. It has also been referred to as “God’s Ratio” since it’s observed in so many natural creations.

This ratio is said by many twentieth century artists and designers to be aesthetically pleasing. Many wise designers and manufacturers employ the golden ration into their designs, as do we. You can find out much more about the Golden Ratio on Wikipedia.

All our plans employ aspects of this natural law to create eye pleasing results in your home bar, bar back sections and trim work.

Here’s a great video (below) to provide some basic insights on the golden ratio as used in design. It can be applied in many ways.

As the video suggests, the use of the golden ratio (or golden section) should not be valued more highly that other aspects of design or in such ways that might interfere with usability. Studies have shown that while people prefer the golden ration over other rectangular dimensions and find it more aesthetically pleasing, it won’t make or break your design. Basically, use it only if it does not get in the way of other more important aspects of design.

You’ve now likely learned something completely new about the world and it’s natural geometry, so go ahead and try to implement the golden ratio on your next project and you’re likely to create a more beautiful world. Have Fun!

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