High Gas Prices and Entertainment

why buyAugust 2009: Remember the days when you could throw five bucks worth of gas into your car and cruise the town all night? Well, I’m afraid to say, those days are over, unless of course you have a large, limitless expendable income.
High gas prices are driving up the cost of entertainment for everyone, and it not just the fuel cost. High fuel prices translate to an increased price in everything from the beer, liquor and soda you drink to those tasty little goldfish crackers and pretzels. continued below…
But what can be done to lower your entertainment cots?
Build a home bar.
Building a home bar can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year.
There are many additional benefits…

Here is our top ten reasons to build a home bar:

1. Reduce or eliminate the gasoline required to get you to the local watering hole..
2. Vastly decrease the amount spent on $3.50 beer and $5.00 cocktails at the local saloon.
3. No risk of public embarrassment when you have a bit too much to drink.
4. Easy access to your own bathroom, especially for sporting events.
5. Easy access to your own bed, see #3 above.
6. No risk of a drunk driving conviction, as long as you STAY home.
7. Overall lower cost of food and drink.
8. You can smoke in your own home, if you still do that. I quit, you should too!
9. You can say whatever you want without being ejected from the establishment.
10. With all the crazies running about these days, it’s safer than public places.

gas price arm and leg

It’ll cost you an arm and a leg to fill up these days. Stay home, build a bar. It helps lower CO2 too!

Years Later…

After years of high prices, we’re seeing little to no relief at the pump, we never will! Oil speculators and problems remain.
Let’s face it, World oil consumption is on the rise with no sign of decline. Growing populations and increased global demand¬† combined with refining troubles and middle east tensions will guarantee that your weekend trip to the bar, pub or nightclub will become even more expensive. The solution? Build a bar and entertain in your own home. It helps lower oil demand and more, so do your part and get busy building today!

Build a bar – It’s fun, saves gas and keeps drunk drivers off the road!
No need to mention the added benefit of avoiding mixing drinking and driving. No more drunk driving, OWI, DWI or DUI problems to worry about. Our plans provide plenty of home entertainment and home remodeling ideas to make your completed project the new hot spot of your neighborhood.

Update: Gas Falls in 2015 / 2016:

I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong and happily so. The unexpected drop in gas prices is mostly due to OPEC flooding the market and possibly some carefully planned relaxation of gouging. It just demonstrates the volatility of energy prices. As of September 15th 2016, local gas prices in Wisconsin are about $2.18 per gallon. Election day is coming soon. I’d expect prices to change for the worse after that date. Build that bar today and be prepare for the likelihood of higher prices in the future. Cheers!